Power Sportz show on COVID vaccine by the Editor-in-Chief gets response from Tennis great, Djokovic

Tennis star Novak Djokovic has surprised everybody with his recent statement that he made regarding COVID-19 vaccine. Djokovic made the statement when he was speaking with a group of Serbian players on a live Facebook chat. He said that he would prefer to improve his immunity rather taking any vaccination on COVID – 19. Also, he said that he would have a difficult decision to make if receiving a coronavirus vaccine became mandatory to compete on the tennis circuit.

Djokovic, who has won 17 Grand Slam singles titles and is popularly known for his extraordinary ability to shrink the court has surprised everybody with this recent statement. Though a statement that was released on Monday through his management team, Djokovic declined to address whether he opposed vaccines in general.

While, the editor-in-chief and co-owner of Power Sports, Kanthi D Suresh, who is known to take bold views which are unconventional and different from the regular approach, supported Djokovic stand. Ms. Kanthi said, “Vaccination should not be mandatory prerequisite to participate in international sports events as long as players are able to maintain strong immunity and are not carrying any contagious virus, there is no point federations forcing vaccination on athletes.”

Further she added, “Sports federations cannot allow the business of vaccination to dominate the spirit of sports.”

Ms. Kanthi supported Djokovic stand on the show that aired on April 23, while her point of view and support to Djokovic has been acknowledged on mail with a note from the star stating that vaccines are certainly a sensitive issue. The mail from the tennis star came in last evening that left team PS pleasantly surprised. He also mentioned that the subject of vaccination raises many questions and doubts for quite a number of people around the world, 

Ms Kanthi, who is popularly known as workaholic is still able to keep herself busy even during COVID-19 lockdown. Recently she started running programmes on COVID-19 as part of Power Sportz Covid tracker, and the shows have brought to light well-researched data which is informative in nature.

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