Power Sportz Premier League Names 8 Teams

The World may be on a lockdown on account of the Coronavirus Pandemic, but creativity still is wide open. Its a personal choice whether you want to be locked into the gloom or use this period as an opportunity to widen your thought process and plan ahead for a brighter future.

The Power Sportz team, led by Kanthi D Suresh, seems to have chosen the latter. Ms Kanthi, always known to be a crisis person comes up with out of box ideas and solutions during difficult times. The Power Sportz Premier League, which is the league division of Power Sportz, under the concept of ‘Main Bhi Star Banunga’ , has already named 8 teams for the North Zone Championship of the Season 1. The unique names to the teams have been handpicked by the inhouse team, and is indicative of the energy levels behind this entire project.

Most of the indications reveal that the 8 teams are cricket teams and the league division is beginning its season with cricket championships.  There is no confirmation from anybody senior regarding this. Moreover, it seems to be a closely guarded secret. What we know is that not only is PSPL flooded with player lists but there seems to be an interest being generated by many sport aficionados to own teams as well. Ms Kanthi D Suresh, who seems personally involved in the league business, at the moment, does not think it a right time to divulge too many details.

At the moment, what we know is that that Power Sportz Premier league logo has been trademarked and that Ms Kanthi D Suresh, has been on many Skype calls with coaches, players, and interested team owners. Technology seems to be put at its maximum use to ensure continuity of business.

Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way. Kanthi and her team seem to be mastering it!

Prajakta Amrutsagar

Prajakta writes about a range of topics including politics, sports, music, books, films and feminism. When she’s not writing, Prajakta loves riding her bike and exploring new bakeries.

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