Power Sportz, Editor-in-Chief, Kanthi D Suresh’s style of Journalism has evoked different reactions

Kanthi, inspite of her vivacious eloquence on-air, is regarded by many as highly inaccessible and extremely private. She is often subject to more of a speculative opinion than any established supposition. A journalist needs to interact and socialize more, needs to be easy to meet anytime. We must have Excellence but we must also have accessibility to that excellence, was a sentiment echoed by one of the guests on the channel, who wished not to be named, but also added that perhaps that’s what made her even more enigmatic!!! While her close friends regard her as highly trustworthy and always available in times of crisis, some of her acquaintances, who have been on her shows,  have termed her as ‘inaccessible’, and ‘private’

As we delved deeper into the subject, we decided to take opinions on whether it is essential for a journalist to socialize and interact to be more efficient at work and whether being an extrovert and socially available is an  important quality for a journalist

Danielle Radin, the West Coast Bureau Chief for NewsNet- a national TV news network available in 43 cities across the US and also a three-time author is of a strong opinion that socializing is a crucial part of being a journalist. As a TV Reporter, I am interviewing people every day for my job. It’s important to always be making new connections so that you can find more stories every day, feels Danielle.

Some of the other male journalists too seem to be in agreement with Ms Radins point of view.

It definitely helps to be an extrovert, otherwise daily interviews might feel like a chore, rather than a fun way to learn something new from different people. Being socially available in your community helps to build your network and improve your storytelling skills through multiple sources, was a common sentiment more among male journalists.

Dr. Arun K. Shukla ( 25+ Yrs as Psychologist, Counsellor, Social Awareness Promoter & Behaviourist has been an architect of thousand plus officers and sixteen thousand plus soldiers selection in the Indian Armed Forces) with his life experience has a different opinion on the subject.

A positive perspective is advocated that socializing may help to deepen a  probe but if the lens is placed closer, the socializing is often a masked tool used effectively to serve misleading elements by influencing for convenience. Many a times indulging in social shake hands comes with an opportunistic inclination.  

Kanthi D Suresh, has been ‘inaccessible’ for comments on this issue !!!