Podcasters can’t keep their hands off Briton Media and founder Noah Swiderski

Hello Noah Swiderski, Welcome to ABOUT INSIDER! What personality traits make a good leader?
I believe being a successful leader requires a few different traits. People need a leader they can trust, they can believe in, and can help bring the best out of everyone they meet. The best leaders develop others when they don’t even know it. When you care about your people, they will support the mission to their fullest potential. 

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career?
The biggest challenge I have faced so far with Briton Media has been being consistent with every aspect of the business. (Marketing, Lead Gen, Editing, Production, ect.) I think I have done a great job of managing it and building a great team around me so I don’t have to focus on every aspect anymore. What makes Briton Media so successful is the people we have involved in helping our clients and their shows.

What is your company doing well?
Briton Media stands out from every other podcast company because of our customer service, response team, and quality of our work. Nobody compares to how fast and easy we are to reach. I believe the closer we can be with our clients, the better we can understand exactly what they are looking for and can deliver that. 

Describe a time you created or launched a new product or service that resulted in a new revenue stream?
At the start of 2022, we launched our new coaching service. We provide face to face meetings on a weekly basis for our clients where we keep their podcast on track to success. We do this though setting goals, analyzing them, creating action plans, and following through until we reach those goals. 

Describe how you’ve selected and implemented technology improvements in the past?
We have done a great job at this within the company, we keep very close eyes to apps and websites that have large potential for audience retention. Lately we have been focusing our time on developing content for Tiktok as well as LinkedIn since it has the largest audience as of February 2022. Implementing new platforms and ways of reaching those platforms isn’t something new for Briton Media, it’s who we are! We are constantly developing and staying ahead of the trends. 

Share a personal story about an experience that defines who you are today.
I think these last two years has been so crucial to developing who I am and want to be has been huge. I’ve been laser focused on creating the image in my head of what I want Briton Media to become and how I’m going to make it happen. Avoiding distractions, partying, or overspending has been a massive foundation where I can expand on for the company. Shifting from a spender to an investor has been a big change for me and finding the right content to consume on a daily basis has been crafting the leader and business owner I am becoming. 

Describe what skills and traits have made you successful.
I’ve been called feverishly persistent, and I would have to agree. I don’t take no for an answer because of my unwavering commitment to myself and my business. I know Briton Media has the best service in the podcast community and I will make that known on a daily basis with our work, reputation, and service to our clients worldwide. 

What would your long-term Strategic Vision be for your company?
Long-term, I want Briton Media to be the face of podcasting, the only way to Podcast. If you have a podcast or want to start a new one, I want people to only see Briton media as being that source. I want to help podcasters all over the world raise their production value, maximize their listenership, and turn their podcast into their profession.

How would someone write about your life for a magazine or newspaper?
They would say he loves to travel and see new things, meet new friends all over the world. I love to be in warm places like Florida, Mexico, North Carolina. In the future they will say I own one of the most attractive watch collections. My fiancé India also loves to travel and see new things! I think the life magazine would have lots to say in the future about our travels and stories. Coming soon!