PM Narendra Modi receives appreciation from Vladimir Putin for his “Independent Foreign Policy”

Moscow: On Thursday, during the Valdai International Discussion Club’s plenary meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to Putin, Prime Minister Modi pursues an independent foreign policy for his people’s benefit and needs.

Putin continued by saying that the country has made significant progress in its growth and has a bright future. A Russian news source quoted Putin as saying, “Russia and India have a special relationship built on the foundation of close cooperation,” It is noteworthy that India remained neutral throughout the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Additionally, the Russian President stated that the West is pursuing global dominance through “dirty games.” According to him, “new centres of power will emerge in the multipolar world” sooner or later, and the West will need to start having equal conversations about our common future.

According to the Russian media RT, Putin claimed that Western countries deny other people the right to any form of independence, including political, economic, and cultural freedom. 

Joel Woodley

Joel Woodley is a Freelance Entertainment Journalist with a BA in Journalism and an MA in Film and Television. He loves to keep up with all the latest celebrity gossip. Despite being born and raised in the UK, he’s always up to date with stars and celebrities all around the world.

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