PM Modi’s Insights on Mini Skirts and Ancient Sculptures at National Creators Awards 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi illuminated an unexpected connection between contemporary fashion and ancient sculptures in a captivating revelation at the inaugural National Creators’ Awards ceremony. Addressing the audience at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi, PM Modi unveiled how modern fashion elements have deep roots in India’s rich cultural heritage.

Drawing a fascinating parallel, PM Modi highlighted the striking resemblance between the ‘modern’ mini skirt and the attire depicted in centuries-old statues at Odisha’s Konark temple. He remarked that while many perceive mini skirts as symbols of modernity, sculptures in the Konark temples adorned similar attire centuries ago.

“Many people consider mini skirts to be a symbol of modernity,” PM Modi remarked, “But if you go to Konark, you will see statues in the centuries-old temples sporting mini skirts and purses on their arms.”

The Prime Minister’s insightful observation underscored India’s longstanding tradition of embracing fashion and style, transcending time and trends. He emphasized the timeless elegance embedded in Indian culture, exemplified by the fashion sensibilities reflected in ancient sculptures.

PM Modi’s remarks came from the National Creators Awards, where he honoured 19-year-old Janhvi Singh with the Heritage Fashion Icon award. Singh, a celebrated content creator, is renowned for advocating traditional Indian textiles and attire on her platform, embodying the fusion of modernity and tradition.

Highlighting the immense potential of Indian fashion on the global stage, PM Modi urged a renewed focus on promoting Indian wear internationally. He emphasized the need to showcase India’s unique cultural identity through traditional attire, leveraging creativity to foster positive transformation.

The National Creators’ Awards, aimed at recognizing outstanding contributions across various fields, celebrated the diverse impact of creators in society. Notable recipients included environmental champion Pankhti Pandey, storytelling virtuoso Keerthika Govindasamy, and cultural ambassador Maithili Thakur.

The awards ceremony served as a testament to the power of creativity in driving social change and shaping the cultural landscape. PM Modi’s visionary insight illuminated the profound connection between modern fashion trends and India’s timeless heritage, reaffirming the nation’s role as a trailblazer in fashion and culture.