PM Modi Celebrates Makar Sankranti by Feeding Punganur Cows at Residence

In a heartwarming celebration of tradition and the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen feeding cows at his residence in New Delhi. The unique aspect of this celebration is that the Prime Minister chose to feed Punganur cows, a rare and diminutive breed native to a village of the same name in Andhra Pradesh.

The images of PM Modi engaged in this symbolic and traditional act have quickly gone viral on various social media platforms. Clad in casual attire, the Prime Minister can be seen on the lawns of his 7, Lok Kalyan Marg residence, showcasing his affinity for these small-sized yet significant creatures.

In one of the pictures, Prime Minister Modi is seen gently petting the Punganur cows, displaying a tender connection with these animals. Another photo captures him holding a tuft of grass, adhering to the Hindu tradition of feeding cows on Makar Sankranti for blessings and good fortune.

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The Punganur breed, known for its diminutive size, is considered among the world’s smallest cattle breeds. Remarkably, it is so compact that it can even be bred in an apartment. Despite their size, Punganur cows are highly valued for their nutritional milk, which is believed to contain the element Au, the chemical name for gold.

Dr BL Chidananda, a retired professor of Animal Sciences from the University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, emphasized the significance of the Punganur breed, referring to it as a ‘gold mine.’ He explained that the milk from these cows is used in temples, including the famous Tirupati Thirumala Temple, for ceremonial milk offerings to deities.

During the cultural event organized at Union Minister L Murugan’s residence on the same day, Prime Minister Modi extended Pongal greetings to the citizens, emphasizing the festival’s reflection of the sentiment of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat.’

As the images of the Prime Minister’s traditional celebration circulate on social media, they not only showcase the essence of Makar Sankranti but also shed light on the significance of preserving and promoting indigenous cattle breeds, such as the Punganur cow, which play a vital role in cultural practices and traditions.