Planning an Outdoor Promotional Event

Planning an outdoor promotional event can be a great way to launch a product or service. It helps you connect with customers on a personal level and offers the kind of interaction that most businesses don’t. From permits to accessibility, here’s what you really need to know.

Make Sure You Can Get Paid

The whole point of a promotional event is to sell a product. Sample and information are a great way to get the point across. But you may have something to sell there, sell tickets or even take preorders. Yet you aren’t in-store or at the office. This is where an advanced point of sale system like PayAnywhere comes in handy. Using remote technology smart and mobile card readers, you can take payment for your new products even while out on the street. 

Get Permits for an Outdoor Promotional Event

You can’t just take a show on the road without obtaining the right permits. A local promotional event could be very disruptive to a small town or city center. And depending on your marketing or followers, a substantial number of people could turn up. Permits are required for events, and you will face criminal charges if you don’t get them. Further, you can be held liable for any costs incurred by the local ruling body if anything bad happens, such as rioting or fighting.

Follow Local Laws and Rules

Further to permits, there are also very strict rules and laws on what you can and cannot do when you are holding an event. For example, there are limits on the noise levels you can put out. And then, there are fire safety concerns and health and safety issues. Of course, contacting local services and getting to know these isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, but it is very necessary. Otherwise, you will find yourself being shut down early and probably ending up with a fine.

Market the Event Well

Marketing an event can make or break its success. But this has to be carefully handled, and you need to consider how many people are likely to turn up. Some outlets include the following:

  • Talk about it on your website or blog and include the relevant details.
  • Send out emails to your existing members so they know about the event.
  • Develop a strong social media campaign to inform people leading up to it.
  • Partner with social media influencers to promote the event on your behalf.
  • Schedule appearances on local media such as TV and radio stations.

Just one of these can make thousands of people aware of the event. Of course, not all will show up, but you need to consider the costs versus the traffic reward of any event you hold.

Hire the Right Equipment

There’s a lot of equipment that an event needs. There’s the front-facing even platform, and then there are the backstage things that are needed to keep it running smoothly. For example, your staff needs food, water, and toilets if they are to be working all day. And then there are things like lights, audio, and electricity to power these. This alone is a logistical challenge. And have you thought about the weather? You will also need wind protection and tents for the event. Temporary fences and barricades might also be necessary, so you might need to checkout event barricade rental service dallas, or maybe companies near the venue. 

Make an Outdoor Promotional Event Accessible

Putting on a good show relies on all of the above and will help you attract people and possibly sell some stuff. But have you considered everyone? A good event must also be accessible for all. And this can be easier said than done. People with mobility issues need ramps, access points, and signage so they know where to go. The local area you plan the event for could be the biggest barrier to this, so you may even need to work with local civic service to figure it out.

Leave No Trace

After the event, you will be expected to make sure the space where you held it is in the same condition as before it began. That means cleaning up everything, taking down equipment and decorations, and ensuring this is all done in a way that causes no damage. This is a logistics nightmare, and you will need to partner with experts in such complexities. The local government shouldn’t have to pay for your mess. And if they do, you can expect a massive bill later on.


Getting paid at your next outdoor promotional event is easy with remote card systems. But for anyone to turn up an offset cost, it helps to market it well. You should also ensure that the event cleanup is handled correctly, or you will face harsh penalties from the local services.