Planning a Car Trip in Mexico – General Tips

Mexico is a popular destination among travelers, as every year, more than 20 million people come to explore this country. There are many great destinations to visit, so it is better to do some research before a trip and have a list of the top places one would like to attend when in Mexico. Some destinations may be far from the other ones, so it would be convenient to take a car for rent and visit all the desired locations easily. Car rental business is popular in Mexico, so finding a car is not a problem.

Road trip essentials

When a traveler makes a decision to travel by car to be able to see more in Mexico, it is important to be prepared for this kind of trip. It is important to have a driver’s license. Also, it is important to check all the distances and make the travel route. One has to remember about hot weather in Mexico, so it is better to plan longer trips very early in the morning, while some short trips can take place closer to the evening. Also, do not forget about the air conditioner. A driver has to care about having water bottles in a car, and some basic medical kit.  

Start of the trip at the airport

Beginning of the trip is when a person leaves his/her apartment/house and goes to an airport. After coming to the airport in Mexico, a traveler has to figure out a way to get to his/her rented housing or a hotel. One of the most convenient ways is to rent a car in Hertz Cancun airport. It is super comfortable, as one can put all the luggage in the car. A traveler has to make sure he/she has maps downloaded on a smartphone (and take care of the internet connection) or have a GPS. 

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Road trip paradise

Mexico is a country of contrasts, and there are multiple amazing locations to see if you explore the region by car. Road trips are always fun with family and friends, and it also means there will be more than one driver, which makes the road trip easier. Check out the available options through Google search ‘rent a car Cancun’. There are some of the greatest routes that many tourists have already visited. Among such routes are:

  • Baja California Road Trip (this trip starts in Tijuana and ends in Los Cabos – 1000 miles).

This route is full of locations where deserts meet the sea, these landscapes are breathtaking. A traveler will also have a chance to see rock canyons. Baja is a perfect place for trips by cars. 

  • Mayan Ruins and Mexican Caribbean Trip.

Yucatan Peninsula has great views, one can enjoy cenotes and jungles, as well as old colonial cities and breathtaking beaches with crystal clear water and white sand. West from Cancun, it is recommended to visit Valladolid – natural pools. Also, one has to see Maya ruins, but it is better to come early, as this location is often very crowded. You can explore more travel routes here.

Road trip safety tips

The company that offers cars for rent will not provide you with safety tips, so this is something one has to explore on his/her own. Any road trip comes with certain dangers, so a driver has to follow some basic rules to stay safe. Mexico, like any other country, may also have some dangers if the driver is not cautious. Road trips in Mexico can be safe, so there is no need to be worried. First, research the routes. Second, check the travel advice from the Department of State, they list high risk areas that it is better to avoid. Third, it is recommended not to drive during night time. During a trip to Mexico, the best thing one can do at night is to sleep in a hotel room.  


Mexico is a country meant for road trips. If a traveler checked the car rental offers and wants to have a road trip in Mexico, he/she will have no regrets. After the basic trip planning is done, it is recommended to check out the best car travel routes. Many people who already traveled through Mexico by car give some great advice/tips and routes for those who did not do so yet. If one has a driver’s license, then there are no reasons to hesitate. Preparation for a car trip in Mexico is not as difficult as it might seem. It will definitely be an experience not to forget.