Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: The Best Routes for Each

Have you ever wrestled with deciding which mode of transport to take from your current location to a vacation or business destination? When cost is a concern, many usually opt for something other than air travel, which tends to be the priciest of the three modes. Likewise, if you want to choose to leave and return any time you wish, driving is a commonsense way to go. Trains are excellent ways to get to your target location if you want to enjoy the scenery, pay a reasonable fare, and maybe take a nap or have a meal along the way. Here are some of the reasons people choose each method of travel in differing circumstances.

By Air

Plane tickets can be budgetbusters, especially for families on a budget. Perhaps that’s why moms and dads often hop in their car and go on a road trip each summer instead of forking over large sums of money for several air tickets. But, flying can be the perfect alternative when time is of the essence, which is often a consideration on business and international trips. Crossing oceans means taking a cruise ship or an airplane. Ship travel can be exorbitantly costly, which is why the majority of international travelers fly to their destinations. Plus, there are a few domestic flights on heavilytraveled routes, like those between Denver and Kansas City, that offer supersaver airfares. In those few cases, air travel is not the costliest option, but in nearly every other situation, it is.

By Train

Train travel is the most efficient option in numerous circumstances. Every year, many business and pleasure travelers take trains between New York City and Washington, D.C. Fares are very reasonable, and trains depart multiple times per day, especially during rushhour times during the workweek. On major, heavilyused routes like these, trains are the perfect choice because of both the convenience and comfort factors. There are shuttle flights, but the cost is much higher and navigating airport security is a major headache on both ends of the trip.

Additionally, it’s much harder to take a nap on the packed airplanes, but the DCtoNYC trains offer passengers the chance to catch a nice nap or do a few hours of work on their laptops. When you choose to purchase DC to NYC train tickets online, you can shop any time of the day or night, look for discounts, and print hard-copy versions of the tickets directly from a connected printer if you wish. Or, store the barcoded ticket on your phone for easy reference later on.

Another great thing about trains is that you’ll often find left luggage booths in the stations you visit. This means you can make a stop off at any time you want to and explore a new destination while your bags are kept safe. When you’re ready, you can simply hop back on the train and continue your journey. It’s a flexible and exciting way to travel. 


By far, the main advantage of taking a trip by car is convenience. You can leave whenever you wish, stop anytime, enjoy the use of your car once you arrive at the destination, and then return whenever the mood strikes you. There are no airport security lines to worry about, fellow passengers to deal with, or tickets to purchase. The downside is rather significant, too. Gasoline prices are extremely high, and the chance of abreakdown or flat tire are very real possibilities on trips of any length. Likewise, there’s also the chance of an accident and the cost of having to park your vehicle once you get to wherever you’re going. Solo travelers behind the wheel face the prospect of boredom on longer trips as well.