Peruvian Talent in the USA: Gian Carlo Arrunategui

Appeared in the short film Miracle in Tarata, BFA in performing arts, owner of a production company: Great Cinema Alliance

Gian Carlo Arrunategui is an actor from Lima Peru. Went to the USA to pursue his career in acting. Professional, optimist and opportunist as well as caring, conscientious and proactive.

Gian Carlo was born and raised in Lima Peru in La Molina. He had loving and caring parents who helped him throughout his journey. He liked to watch movies and reenact some of them. When he was 3 years old he even went too far to portray his favorite character Spiderman. (tried to jump off a roof). He went to Newton College where he learned English and graduated high school. When choosing his career he chose acting as was the only thing that pictured himself doing as a living. With the help of his parents he went to the USA and went to Education First academy to apply to colleges in the USA. He applied to the American Music and Dramatic Academy, a college of performing arts. Doing theater 2 years in New York and 2 years of Film and Television in Los Angeles. He went through COVID with his zoom classes, acting in front of a computer was a challenge but one that didn’t stop him. Back in the USA he finished his studies and received his Bachelors in Fine arts in Performing arts. Now in Los Angeles where he is acting, creating, auditioning to his beloved dream.

His education at the American Music and Dramatic Academy was such that it levels to perfectionism in performing arts. Ranking number 1 in colleges of performing arts in the USA Gian Carlo couldn’t have a better training than the top of the country. He learned acting principles, improvisation, dancing, stage combat, voice acting, as well as other courses that level up his abilities in performing arts. With skilled and professional tutor of the profession like Mark Finley, Ray Virta, Dan Daily, Serena Berne, Richard Gallegos, Dave Shalansky, Victor Verhaeghe, Sergine Dumais, Eve Gordon, Robert Roy, Daniel Singer as other at the top level of the career. In simplicity there is truth.

He was in the recent short film Miracle in Tarata, shot and filmed in his place of birth Lima Peru. Is about the story of a kid and his father living their day in the bombing of Tarata. Based on a true story, this story touches on deep themes that occur nowadays terrorism, bullying, abortion are some themes the short film touches. Is good to show this movie as it enriches the stories from Peru and shows important themes that still are alive nowadays with a good message of hope and miracle. Gian Carlo plays the father and shows the journey of a troubled man with ambition who is stopped with the arrival of his kid and how when he loses that he lost it all. Gian Carlo really expresses the unconditional love of a father and how his child is everything to him. Gian Carlo was interested in this project as he wanted to challenge himself in the role of a father with the help of Andrea Vicich (the director and writer of the short film) he was able to do that.

Being fluent in Spanish and having English as his second language give Gian Carlo the advantage of playing roles that require either of the languages. Embracing his accent enriches the Latino community and Peruvian culture.

Acting is not the only thing that Gian Carlo is capable of. Gian Carlo is also a director, producer and writer. With the help of his production company Great Cinema Alliance in Los Angeles he’s been able to create his own projects with the help of his team who involves Ranier Acosta and San Camara. He produced two projects which are in the post production process: The Lost Time presenting a visit of friends visiting their best friend after their death and @DdIction a representation of phone addiction on a basic day in the life of a college student as well as upcoming projects coming soon. He welcomes and encourages people to share their stories to create art with Gian Carlo’s Company.

Gian Carlo went through his classes on COVID even though that meant acting in front of a computer.

Gian Carlo has upcoming projects both in his company and things auditioned. The Change a zoom performance directed by Calyn Liberati. Gian Carlo will play HIM the prince of darkness.

For anyone following the steps of Gian Carlo. He always had this message that helped him throughout his journey: “stay real, be positive, be patient, use your common sense and always do the right thing even when it is hard.”

You can find Gian Carlo on Instagram as @giancarloarrunategui has a linktree that will guide you to his website, IMDb, reels and more. Also you can find his production company on Instagram as @greatcinemaalliance.

You can reach Gian Carlo Arrunategui on Linktr @Gian Carlo Arrunategui