Perfect For Any Tailgate Party – Dave Herrera Releases “I’m A Fan” Just In Time For All The Summer Concerts

Are you a FAN of SUMMER CONCERTS? Dave Herrera is a total fan! As Herrera just released the new single “I’m a Fan” on all streaming platforms. 

Bring your football and pass it around while listening to new music “I’m a Fan” at your summer backyard party, BBQ, tailgate or whatever needed to add a little energy to your party. Dave Herrera tells a story about heading to a summer concert to see his favorite band with plans to hang out with the boys but ended up running into a crazy beautiful gal that he spends the rest of the evening dancing, singing along with the band, talking and enjoying every moment! 

Check out the new music video for “I’m a Fan” on YouTube HERE:  

To know more about Dave Herrera check his Website: www.DaveHerreraLive.com

Jonathan Matis

Jonathan is a writer and editor. He has a degree in Journalism and Master's in International Relations. He has a focus on British, American, Indian and African politics but has more recently found a soft spot for celebrity news. In his spare time, Jonathan loves reading/listening to crime novels/podcasts.

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