Pat Hilton Going Against All Odds

The lyrics of Pat Hilton inspire countless individuals. Being a musician has always been a dream of Pat Hilton since he was a young boy. His dream was inspired by artists like Led Zeppelin, Boston, and The Rolling Stones. The music they sang helped Pat Hilton overcome many of his toughest challenges as a child, and he wanted to be a spark of light for someone else. In grade school, he picked up an acoustic guitar for the first time. Through music, he hoped to inspire others one day.

During his early career, Pat Hilton struggled a great deal. As a homeless man, he traveled state to state performing at boutique venues while sleeping in his car. After failing to gain traction, Pat Hilton started posting clips of his music on Instagram. Grant Cardone was impressed by Pat Hilton’s videos and liked what he saw. Pat Hilton was invited to perform at his 10x growth conference, and his life was forever changed. As a result of that event, Pat Hilton’s career has taken off. Now he performs at national conferences and networking events.

Many people identify with Pat Hilton’s music because of the heartfelt emotion and passion behind his lyrics. The struggles Pat Hilton has endured make him a passionate and authentic singer. When listening to his music Pat Hilton “wants people to know that the struggles and the sacrifices they hear me go through and the songs are things that they can overcome in their everyday life too.” Pat Hilton’s main intention with music is to inspire others and be a source of hope for anybody going through a difficult time.

Pat Hilton will release a series of albums in the near future. Live performances will make up the majority of this collection. The songs are all about overcoming obstacles, overcoming struggles, and persevering to succeed as an artist or dreamer. You can check out his previous body of work on Spotify, and be sure to follow him on Instagram.