Parineeti Chopra’s Wedding – From Location, Lehenga to Musical Pheras

Celebrity weddings never fail to ignite gossip, allowing media, influencers, and enthusiasts to discuss the latest trends. Parineeti Chopra’s recent wedding to Raghav Chadha is no exception. 

With fashion enthusiasts eagerly following the trends and soon-to-be brides seeking inspiration and insights, there is an undoubted curiosity surrounding celebrity weddings. Therefore, we have compiled all the essential details from Parineeti Chopra’s wedding. 

Location: The Leela Palace in Udaipur

The couple picked the beautiful backdrop of The Leela Palace in Udaipur for their wedding celebration. This luxurious and beautiful venue added an extra touch of royalty to their special day, creating a romantic atmosphere that will be adored forever.

Leela Palace Udaipur – @theleelapalaceudaipur

Lehenga by Manish Malhotra

Parineeti’s wedding lehenga, designed by Manish Malhotra, was a masterpiece that left everyone in awe. This beautiful costume seamlessly combined tradition and modernity, exuding queenly grace. What truly set it apart was the complicated nakshi embroidery, a labour of love that demanded an astonishing 2500 hours to craft. Accompanying the lehenga was a matching mesh blouse, infusing a contemporary twist into the traditional ensemble.

The vintage gold thread and meticulously placed metal sequins formed a mesmerizing linear geometric pattern, captivating onlookers and establishing Parineeti’s wedding look as true evidence of the artistry and craftsmanship of Manish Malhotra. His creations are supreme, and Parineeti’s choice further solidifies his status as the foremost designer for Bollywood’s elite.

Designer – @manishmalhotra05

Traditional Hindu Wedding & Musical Pheras 

Parineeti and Raghav’s marriage took place per traditional Hindu customs.

During her wedding, the pheras’ mantras were not recited; they were sung. You read it right! India’s top bhajan singer, Ankit Batra, sang the musical pheras at Parineeti’s wedding. According to various sources, he was the one to introduce the idea of musical pheras almost a decade ago.

The sacred pheras were made even more enchanting by the melodious voice of Ankit Batra. As per Hindu customs, the pheras represent the couple’s lasting loyalty and their seven promises to each other. Ankit Batra’s soulful singing during this auspicious ritual added an ethereal dimension to the proceedings, invoking feelings of love and spirituality. His melodious voice maintained the importance of tradition and emotion, making the moment genuinely magical and memorable for the couple and all those in attendance.

Musical Pheras – @ankitbatramusic

Ankit Batra & Manish Malhotra

Personalized Details

What set Parineeti’s bridal look apart were the heartfelt personalized details that added a special touch to her husband Raghav’s name embroidered on the veil, symbolizing their deep bond and love.

In a touching tribute to her beloved Nani, Parineeti included her Nani’s traditional challa into her lehenga. This challa, a symbol of being the lady of the house, held a special place in her heart. The sound of the challa, as her Nani walked around the house, was a melody of strength and grace. Manish Malhotra, in his caption, shared the significance of this addition: “She wanted to pay a heartfelt tribute to her nani, who used to wear the same challa in her saree with the keys, a symbol of being the lady of the house. For Parineeti, the sound of the challa when her nani walked around the house, was a melody of strength and grace. And that’s when I knew we HAD to add that piece of legacy to her lehenga.”

These personalized elements added depth and emotion to Parineeti’s wedding look, making it even more memorable and meaningful.

Jewelry and Styling

Parineeti’s jewellery and styling were on point, thanks to the talented team behind her. Her bridal jewellery was as unconventional as it was stunning. It perfectly complemented her minimalist bridal aesthetic, showcasing her unique sense of style.

On her wedding day, she radiated sheer beauty, resembling a true princess. The credit goes to her impressive makeup artist, Savleen Manchanda, who perfectly sweetened her natural charm, and her talented hair stylist, Priyanka S. Borkar and Kesha Patel, who perfectly styled her hair, adding to her overall beautiful appearance.

Lehenga & Jewellery – @manishmalhotraworld
Styled by – @twofoldstyles
Hair by – @priyanka.s.borkar @kesha_makeupnhair
Makeup by – @savleenmanchanda @anushkajainn__

A wedding is more than just two people coming together. It’s a special moment that brings together families, friends, and many people into one beautiful celebration. As Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha embark on their journey together, they carry with them the love and blessings of everyone who contributed to making their day truly magical, including their fans, followers, and, of course, their family and friends.