Paranormality In The Present Times

How the paranormal can aid humans during pandemics, Athos Salomé the gypsy has been sought by people all across the world for years.

Athos Salomé, the gypsy, born and self-taught at Claudio, is a Brazilian municipality in Minas Gerais, Paranormal and the great-grandson of Salome’s gypsies. He is a parapsychologist, which he regards as a career to which he devotes himself with love and devotion. He has fulfilled an untold number of prophecies. He also projected a global pandemic (Corona – Virus) in 2020 because of a new COVID-19 type that would inflict widespread damage, and he asked for increased attention in África.

He has been able to assist individuals worldwide by using his skills as professional expertise. However, the most important information he has provided is a forecast of several significant events after 2020.

Many unexplained occurrences have been anticipated. Terrorism epidemics, China is becoming the world’s most significant economic force, a phony peace pact including China, the possibility of a third global war, the development of robots, the purported demise of the English Royal family, and much more.

His 2020 pandemic prediction holds an immense amount of significance as it came out to be true for everyone in the world. People worldwide looked up to him when his Covid19 prediction came out to be true. He was like a saint to this world, encouraging people worldwide to prepare for the deadly virus that took millions of lives on the earth today. Not only that, the pandemic caused billions of damages and crippled the economy of every country in this age and day. Athos Salome warned the whole world of a potential outbreak.

In addition to that, Athos Salomé holds this feat like no other in the world, Cause Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, also predicted the pandemic in 2015 in one of his Ted talks. Athos Salomé predicted it three years back before Bill Gates’s prediction in 2012.

He has several prophecies named after him; some of them regarding the pandemic are bone-chilling. He stated that “The virus will continue to live in your body as a host until it has infected and killed the greatest number of families. It educates now so that you don’t have to pay with your life tomorrow or in the future generation.”

“The vaccination isn’t going to work. Love isn’t the source of the cure. In South América and África, the “cure” can be located underwater or at sea. However, it has never been utilized and contains the secrets of the night leeches that fly.”

 “Something much more heinous will be planned. Then comes the start of the Third World War, which began with the construction of Covid-19.”

The third mentioned prophecy of him is pretty thrilling as the next world war is aimed to be biological, which could be seen as the creation of Covid19 according to him. It seems to be a conspiracy theory of its own but, keeping given his other prophecies; It could happen shortly.