Pamela Hilton Talks About her Hellraiser Live Sessions and Upcoming Music

Since its release in May 2021, Pamela Hilton’s first EP Hellraiser started gaining attention on social media. Pamela is an aspiring singer-songwriter, but she’s already being compared to Marilyn Monroe due to her breathy vocals, blonde curls, and her love for the 1950s. One of the singer’s followers commented: “Marilyn lives within you!” and another follower wrote: “You look like a mini Marilyn. I love her so much.”

Recently, the singer released Hellraiser Live Sessions: “A lot of people asked me about performing my music live but I wasn’t able to do it because of COVID. So I asked my producer Choonshiki if we could record live sessions and he even made this beautiful piano instrumental for Hideaway which honestly revived the song completely. Even though it doesn’t compare to actual live concerts, it was a very exciting experience,” – shares Pamela.

The live sessions were recorded at the singer-songwriter’s home and include her debut EP Hellraiser that dropped earlier this year and her previously released single Hideaway. According to Pamela herself, she decided to include both releases since they’re connected at the core – her main inspiration when working on Hideaway, Hellraiser, and Whatever Happens Don’t Call Me were female antagonists from vintage Batman comics and Gotham City with its dark haunting visuals.

“I can’t wait to see this, it’s going to be phenomenal” – commented one of Pamela’s followers.

“I love how all of these songs came out. I’m glad that I managed to connect them somehow, so even though they have very different vibes, all three songs fit into one concept easily,” – says Pamela. “I wanted to release these digital live sessions since I started working on Hellraiser when it was still in rough demo stages.”

After premiering her Hellraiser Live Sessions on her YouTube channel Pamela is ready to move on to working on her next release: “We are already working on my next single. I’m excited and can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

Pamela Hilton’s Hellraiser Live Sessions are available to watch and listen on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/c/pamelahilton

To know more about Pamela don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @pammyhilton, Twitter @pammyhilton and Facebook @pamelahiltonofficial

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