Pamela Hilton on her Vlogging Show, Living as Marilyn Monroe and Sustainable Fashion

Just a couple months ago Pamela Hilton – musical artist and content creator – released her latest single Hellraiser, launched her YouTube Vlogging show, and now she’s already working on her new music and her new projects. And she’s just getting started. About Insider talked to a rising star about her future plans, why she lives like Marilyn Monroe and her unique vintage style. 

Congratulations on your Vlogging Show. “Pamela’s Vlogging Show” sounds so exciting. What’s the inspiration behind it? 
Thank you! I used to film Vlogs about living in Korea in 2018, but I gave up on it because it used to give me so much anxiety. And I didn’t feel like doing it. I felt like blogging is not really my thing. And I still think it’s not really my thing. But I just wanted to sing. So, I started posting my music on YouTube, and people found those vlogs. I used to get a lot of messages asking me to film more, they were asking me for more for so many years. And what makes me happy is that this group of people stayed with me. And then I just decided to do that again. It was so random. I was watching vintage shows and I thought: “I want to have my own show”, and I realized we live in such times when I actually can. I love how I turned Vlogging into some kind of a show. 

Exactly! I love that too. I saw you trying some new food, cooking just like in “Cooking With Paris”… By the way, I love that show! I saw you dressing up as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe in Korea! What was it like to live as Marilyn Monroe? 
That was so much fun. I always have so much fun filming. And I love coming up with new ideas for my vlogs. This episode is definitely one of my favorites. I love Marilyn’s style, I’m very inspired by it, and I love her makeup routine. The only part that I didn’t like filming was Marilyn’s morning routine. And yes, I love Cooking With Paris too! I’m obsessed. Paris Hilton is such a legend, she is literally the most iconic person ever. I watched the entire season of the show on Netflix, and I can’t wait for more episodes. 

By the way I saw Paris Hilton retweeting you on Twitter, which is so nice of her. I know that you appeared in her latest documentary “This Is Paris”. How does it feel to be a part of it? 
I feel incredibly honored to be a part of it. And I’m just so proud of her for sharing her story and creating such a powerful movement. And I’m so happy to be in the film. This is something that I will never take for granted. I truly appreciate everything she does for me, and she is my biggest supporter. No one supports me as much as Paris does. And when I say it, I mean it. She is the sweetest, the kindest and best person you’d ever meet. I can actually talk about her for hours, but I just really want everyone to know how genuine and kind she is. She is an angel. And not only I admire her personality and her big heart, but I admire her intelligence, her brilliant mind, her hard work. She is running the biggest empire in the world, she’s making billions and she’s literally taking over the world. She is my biggest inspiration, and I just admire her in so many ways.

Pamela Hilton wearing VIVAIA footwear. Shop at
Photo credit: choonshiki

I love that! I have another question. You have such a unique vintage style. Tell me more about it. I saw your latest Instagram posts and you look so elegant. You remind me of Grace Kelly. 
That’s so sweet, thank you! I love her. And I love Old Hollywood glamour. I just think it’s magical, it makes me happy. Recently, I posted a new episode of my Vlogging Show and it’s a fall lookbook which was inspired by vintage looks that I found from the 1940s-1960s catalogues. Also, in the video I’m wearing such gorgeous shoes from VIVAIA. It’s an eco-friendly footwear, and I love their shoes so much. They are chic, comfortable and sustainable. It’s not a secret that the fashion industry contributes to environmental & human damage a lot, and I think it’s important to choose sustainable fashion. Also I’ve been a vegetarian for so many years, and I know it’s not enough but I believe that little things can make a big difference. 

I agree. What are you working on right now? Any future plans? 
I’m focused on my Vlogging Show. It’s fun to come up with some fun ideas, film the videos, and work on branding. I love that. But I’m a singer first, so I’m writing a lot of songs and I can’t wait to release my new music soon. 

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