About Insider: Oz DelFoss Exclusive Interview

Hi Oz DelFoss! You say that Autism is like a superpower. How So?
Well, some people on the Autism spectrum are obsessed with one particular topic. For example I’m obsessed with Mixed Martial Arts. I spent almost all of my day researching it and watching videos on it. I’m able to answer tons of questions people have on it because I know so much about it. There is something sometimes linked with Asperger’s syndrome. Called Savant syndrome. were you basically a genius about a topic. Now I’m diagnosed with High Functioning Autism not Asperger’s syndrome to my knowledge. But, still Autism is like a superpower to have.

What Do You Want To Accomplish In Life?
I want and I will go down as The Greatest Mind To Ever Walk Earth. My mind is very unique and I know I am gifted by God by Creativity, Brilliance and Confidence.

What Do You Think About Elon Musk?
I like Elon Musk, he’s one of my role models. But, it is not going to stop me from taking the #1 spot of the richest man in the world. Elon had his time already…his time is over. My time is now.

How Has Your God Father Been Such A Great Support To?
Man, My God Father has been with me nearly my whole life. He’s one of the greatest people on this planet. He’s been through thick and thin. He’s always been on my side. Even if my ideas were crazy. He’s been exactly that. A Father God Blessed Me With. He’s such an amazing person.

Are You An Alien?
You know a lot of people say I am and I’ve been asking myself the same question lately. I am convinced that Yes….I am an Alien. An Alien from Mars to be specific.

Do you ever see yourself being friends with Elon Musk?
Yes, I do. I think we think the same. I think we’ve both grown up quite similar as well. Getting bullied from a young age and having crazy ideas. I can see us being great friends. So, Elon…shoot me a text. Let’s hang out.

Oz DelFoss Will Be Were In A Year?
In a mansion in London. Hopefully, with a wife named Zoey. With 2 kids. How do you deal with Haters? I honestly don’t care what Haters think. They just motivate me even more. All those Haters are going to turn into fans. Trust Me.

What type of private jet do you want?
A Boeing 767…with my Name with big letters on the sides and strippers inside. Why Did You Drop Out Of High School? I always knew school wasn’t for me. I always got bullied, suspended and in fights. It was miserable. So, I turned to my computer to get educated.