Overcome (Extended Version) Starring Niko Gunn & Khristerpher Simon. Directed by D’Anthony Boyd & Filmed by Trani Films, is Now Available on YouTube

Overcome is about a college basketball player named Leon (Niko Gunn) who gets paralyzed from the waist down because of a car accident. Now, he is in a wheelchair. Leon’s best friend Tae (Kristerpher Simon) is there to support & encourage Leon to not feel sorry for himself because of his disability and for him to walk on his two feet again. Leon is determined to overcome the obstacles of being able to finally walk once again and to make his return to the basketball court.

Overcome is an emotional and inspirational film directed by D’Anthony Boyd and filmed by Trani Films. The cast & crew of Overcome (Niko Gunn, Kristerpher Simon, D’Anthony Boyd, Trani Films, Orianna Simon, Qwenton Franklin, and Pedro Valencia) began filming this movie on October 9th and wrapped filming on October 10th in Montclair Skatepark in Montclair, California. The cast & crew worked extremely hard and were consistent to bring D’Anthony Boyd’s vision to life. Knowing the fact that Overcome only took two days to complete filming is impressive. Niko Gunn displayed a beautiful performance portraying a paralyzed lead character, Leon, who is filled with rage, emotion, heartbreak, and determination because he is very desperate to walk again. Niko Gunn made Overcome shine with his acting abilities. On the other hand, Kristerpher Simon made his on-screen acting debut portraying as the supportive best friend, Tae, to help Leon get through his tough times and struggles. Kristerpher did a great job acting for the first time ever. 

D’Anthony Boyd’s vision and script for Overcome is a well-thought-of and excellent masterpiece. Trani Films filming techniques, color grading, and editing processes are a fine work of art for this film. Everyone on this project completed their tasks and performed a job-well done.

There is also a shorter version of Overcome , that is exactly 3 minutes long on YouTube and was released on October 19th, 2021. The 3 minute version of Overcome was submitted to the My Rode Reel Film Festival 2021. The winner of the short film contest earns $250,000 so please make sure you guys go to myrodereel.com and vote for Overcome to be the winner of the My Rode Reel Film Festival 2021 Contest !

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