Operatical Releases their Newest Single in Spanish Titled “Pasión”

Operatical releases its newest classical single, “Pasión,” Composed & Orchestrated by Nadina Tziatziou. Everything, from its music to its picturization, is magnificent. Thoughtful lyrics, Esta Noche la Estrella sola Brilla de repente… beautifully explains how the heart follows a rhythm of passion and one can’t just resist those emotions.  

The song is perfectly rendered by soprano Nadina Tziatziou, and the lyrics are given by Thanos Zisis. Thanos Papadellis took care of music production & sound engineering, while Anna Magou choreographed it.

Operatical collaborated with 8tetto vocal ensemble for making “Pasión” worthwhile.

The Greece-based musical group, Operatical, is famous for its beautiful music compositions. The group was formed by two ace singers, soprano Nadina Tziatziou and tenor Thanos Zisis. Both of them are talented classical singers. Their only intention is to take the operatic singing style to every nook and corner of the world and make it familiar to the listeners.

Operatical’s composition is a perfect blend of modern with classical. The group implements a variety of different music genres to create unique and soulful music.

They create authentic music based on modern compositions, with lyrics written in many different languages, elucidating different music cultures and styles in a unique and modern theatrical way.

They released their first song titled ‘La verita’ (‘The truth’ in the Italian language) in 2016. Their second song was in the French language titled ‘L’amour’ (‘Love’), which was released in 2020. After that, they released ‘Margaritati tou vythou’ (‘Seabed’s pearl’ in the Greek language), and their latest single is in the Spanish language titled, ‘Pasión’ (‘Passion’).

Besides handling the group’s sartorial style and stylistic selections, Nadina Tziatziou also creates music and orchestrations of songs.

“Pasión” is available now on Youtube, Spotify, and other major platforms.

Click here https://www.nadinatziatziou.com/ for more information on Operatical’s upcoming projects. You can also visit their Instagram @operatical_