Opening a corporate account: advantages

Economic security is essential for companies to survive in the long run. To keep track of expenses and always be able to act, you need a reliable online corporate account. Our experts will tell you what you need to know to open a corporate account on favorable terms.

Current account for business: affordable and fast

A corporate account is nothing more than a regular account, only for commercial structures. The goal is to separate personal income and expenses from business and thus always have an idea of your own situation and separately in the company. Corporations require a business account. Both an individual and a legal entity that is interested in income, conducting various financial transactions by non-cash method, can open an account for business.

The WestStein Business Account can be used to streamline financial processes. For example, timely transfer salaries to all employees of the organization; participate in various tenders; accept payments from suppliers, partners; pay bills for goods or services. Rest assured that by using your free online account, you are doing everything legally. As our experience shows, not only large enterprises prefer this option, but also individual entrepreneurs find many advantages.

All cash flows in one place

Today’s business checking accounts are more than just a cash management tool. Many of them include billing and accounting optimization tools that make it easier to manage and grow your business.

For corporations, the WestStein prepaid card is an international card with an account abroad. It is very convenient to manage expenses with it. It doesn’t take much effort to get it. Commercial structures receive many advantages using our offer:
– high quality standards and safe service;
– fast transfers and instant receipts without hidden fees, additional payments;
– online control of expenses at any time and place;
– simple reporting, which makes it possible to save time on processing documentation, and this reduces the risk of making mistakes.

If you have questions, we have answers. WestStein experts are ready to help in a way convenient for you.