Only1Tipy’s “Free Slave” – One of 2020’s Most Creative Hip-Hop EPs

“Free Slave” is a new 5 song EP from American Hip-Hop artist Trevell Franklin, better known by his stage name, Only1Tipy. The album dropped on Spotify and other music streaming platforms mid-March, and is already gaining a lot of traction within the hip-hop community.

Only1Tipy’s Free Slave is the embodiment of intense, artistic music, with soulful upbeat verses and deep reverb. The delivery pace of the verses are just perfect – not too fast, not too slow. Upon listening to all 5 songs of the EP, you’ll notice the pattern portrayed in each song where the intros create the build-up to the full-on impactful delivery during the chorus or main parts. 

The music is emotional, and if you’re an avid fan of the genre, or enjoy music irrespective of the style, it’ll surely touch your soul. The more carefully you listen to the songs, the more they’ll be able to move you, and that too in a spiritual manner. In other words, you might be able to relate to them. 

If anything, the music is inspiring, and once you’ve succumbed to it, you’ll understand just how amazing of an artist Only1Tipy is. 

Free Slave is an EP that is brilliantly planned, and massively well produced. The vocals, music, beats, all line up perfectly to create the songs. You’ve got to give Only1Tipy the credit he deserves for being able to deliver something so passionate. 

Each song from Free Slave has its own personality, its own appeal. They’re all different from one another in their rightful way. But the ones that really stood out for me were ‘Mountain Top’, and ‘Beautiful Daughter’. Mountain Top is a song you’d listen to when it’s raining and you’re just watching it all comedown. Beautiful Daughter, on the other hand, is something that’s been made for driving down an empty street early in the morning or late at night. Both of these songs are soothing, energetic, and feel special for some odd reason. Of course, everyone’s entitled to their own taste, and you’ll surely find your pick from the EP.

With Free Slave released and on its way to become a hit hip-hop album, Only1Tipy has his eyes set on a lot of other interesting projects. The artist’s upcoming work will involve some of the biggest names of the industry including Freeway Rick Ross label, “Rick Ross Music Group”, and the late great Nipsey Hussle, and DJ VIP. Besides the popular figures from the genre, we’ll also see Only1Tipy collaborating with a new artist who goes by the name of Suckafree Jizzle. He also has a joint project lined up with producer DJ Emotion, as well as another EP which is rumored to be titled “One Night Stand”.

With such amazing music, and brilliant production work, there’s no doubt that Only1Tipy’s Free Slave will make its mark on the hip-hop charts quite soon. Hats off to the artist for his remarkable creation. 

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