Omni Spectrum Ventures Launches OMNI Innovation Club

Singapore, – Omni Spectrum Group announces the launch of Omni Innovation Club by Omni Spectrum Ventures, a startup incubator that assists aspiring innovators to succeed in the startup business world.

Omni Spectrum Group of Companies, is a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm in Singapore providing private equity services and solutions, has recently expanded into venture building, with the creation of Omni Innovation Club. The incubator is affiliated with Innovation Club in Fribourg, Switzerland, which boasts a rich network of successful enterprises.

“Enabling, empowering, and assisting growth are my key focus. With my international exposure and my network, I am thrilled to bring an international dimension to the OMNI Innovation Club by linking it up with the Innovation Club Fribourg, which groups 7 Swiss universities,” says Gabriel de Andrade, co-founder of Innovation Club Fribourg.

Omni Innovation Club nurtures budding entrepreneurs through a 3-month incubation programme. The programme will host regular sharing sessions with successful entrepreneurs and industry experts, as well as workshops to inculcate skills and encourage networking among the startup founders. The venture building programme focuses on developing creative solutions to solve real-world issues, and seeks to collaborate with enterprises which pursue such a purpose.

Jeanette Lim, co-founder of Omni Spectrum Ventures, expressed, “We are excited to empower these passionate and forward-thinking entrepreneurs, to create innovative solutions for a better tomorrow.”

The programme provides mentorships and resources to its innovators, including a vibrant office space located in the heart of Singapore which occupies the entire third floor of a mixed development building, VIIO@Balestier. All startups including overseas startups and businesses are welcome to apply, as the Club is able to provide virtual mentorships and resources to their members to nurture and grow.

Budding entrepreneurs can check out or visit their Facebook page here!