Now PR CEO Tash Greizen Climbing to the Top

Tash Greizen is setting trends with public relations and communications agency

NOW PR in Beverly Hills, California has taken the world by storm. Since its founding, creative director, and CEO Tash Greizen, has built a legacy on the objective of a global presence. The agency has revolu-tionized the way PR agencies approach branding by consistently evolving to compete in a modern and innovative world stage. Since its conception, NOW PR has added multiple branches to the agency, paving the way for a true monopolization of PR: NOW Magazine, and It Girl Production. After eight years in the PR business, the agency has undoubtedly managed to carefully curate the way the public interacts with their represented It Girls and brands.

NOW- an acronym for Natasha!s Own World, also reflects the definition of the word by maintaining relevance in the fashion and beauty world. 

Representing some of the world!s most followed It Girls and vari-ous brands, NOW PR has a global reach with a roster to prove it. The agency is keen on consistently pro-viding top-tier services and fostering relationships around the world.

NOW PR was created with the perceptive insight into the branding world. The ultimate goal is to help It Girls and brands tell their stories while guiding them through this fast faced and highly competitive indus-

try. With Tash!s knowledgeable background in the industry, NOW PR has the tools to foster and nurture brands into household names. Backed by an eager, creative, resourceful, and equally determined team, NOW PR tackles all challenges to produce consistent results.

Demonstrating their ever-growing reach, NOW PR holds offices along the West Coast (Los Angeles and Las Vegas) and a tentative branch in Europe (Paris, France). Their global presence aids in opening doors

for a brand’s reach and global recognition for their division of It Girls. It!s safe to say that NOW PR are at the forefront of innovation in the PR realm.

Terence Jobs

Terence Jobs is a freelance writer who has been reporting on entertainment news and trending stories for over half a decade. His expertise lies in the fields of celebrity, television and music.

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