Norman Alexander Continues to Spark International Interest with His Latest Single, “The Reason.”

Igniting international interest and discourse among fans and critics alike, rising talent Norman Alexander continues to be captivating. His recent single “The Reason” has surpassed 1 million views in just 12 days, making it a massive hit of the year. From Gaming Room to Mehul Verma MKV, people left mesmerizing reviews and feedback on Norman Alexander’s sophomore track. While speaking about such massive reactions from his fans, Norman Alexander said, “I’m still not used to it being out, but whenever I read the comments, I’m reassured and greatly rewarded. I aim to put the truth in all that I produce. So, for me, however long a song takes to finish is when it will be finished. For “The Reason” to positively influence so many individuals across the globe, I’m equal parts humbled and proud.” “The Reason” is accompanied by a mesmerizing music video, shot and directed by Eko Media Productions on-site in Miami. Alexander said about the video, “I feel that, as an artist, you have creative soulmates. People you work with, where it just flows. It clicks. Energies expound and bounce around, creatively and constructively. That’s Eko. It felt like we were inside what I was going through. It was – therapeutic.”

Norman Alexander is a recording artist and songwriter based in New York City who specializes in pop music. Music has always held a special place in his heart. His vocals are frequently compared to Aloe Blacc’s powerful, distinctive voice. Recently, he finished remixes of his first tune, “No Goodbyes,” with DJ Kryder and DJ B Jones, which will be released soon. With his powerful vocals and deep lyricism, he has carved out a considerable niche in the music industry. A number of articles have referenced Alexander, and his name has been at the top of playlists and been yelled across the airwaves.

A Grammy award-winning performer with that much talent,” proclaims 104.7 KISS FM. Norman Alexander is going to perform at TEDx’s annual spring event in New York City on May 3, 2022. Also, the singer is planning to launch his third single will be “You,” very soon. 

“The Reason” is currently available on all major streaming platforms, including YouTube and Spotify. Follow Norman Alexander on Instagram to learn more about his next initiatives.