Noely Barbiee: Popularity, Social Media Presence, and Her role as an Entrepreneur

Noely Rojas, better known as Noely Barbiee, is a New Jersey-born and Los Angeles-based social media influencer. Her date of birth is April 30, 1996, so she is a 26-year independent lady with many followers on social media.

She is not only an influencer but has a strong belief in empowering other women, which she does through her entrepreneurial work.

It is unclear how much of her personal life she shares with the public, but she is currently single despite being seen out with athletes and rappers and is very popular on social media. She is known for posts focusing on fashion, lifestyle, and travel so that her audience can learn and get inspired.

She has a solid social media presence, with 200k + followers. She regularly receives payment of 8k per post, which is commendable. She is known for her influential role and a luxurious lifestyle on Instagram. There she shares everything about her lifestyle and her exotic cars. In short, she maintains a strong relationship with her followers by sharing her personal lavish lifestyle.

That is the reason she has become a beloved figure in the online community. Moreover, she runs a YouTube channel of her own. The self-titled YouTube channel, launched in April, is filled with content demonstrating her unique, creative spirit and genuine work.

With her fitness vlog and modeling for international brands such as Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing, she has made a name for herself. Further, she is famous for her stunning body, which she has achieved through plastic surgery and intense daily workout routines. She is inspiring ladies toward a healthier and fit lifestyle. 

Newly, Barbie inspires many aspiring influencers and serves as a reminder that hard work and dedication pay off. 

Now, let us introduce you to the entrepreneurial side of her. Yes, she is not only an Instagram influencer but also an entrepreneur who is taking the world by storm with her success. Newly, Barbie is the founder of Foreign Hair Collection LLC, a multi-million-dollar company that provides luxurious raw hair from Vietnam, India, Burmese, and Cambodia. 

With her innovative approach to business, Noely has found success in an ever-evolving industry. She aims to help women of all ages and backgrounds, particularly those affected by alopecia or chemotherapy-induced hair loss. So, she provides customers with the highest quality HD lace wigs.

Noely Barbie continues to dominate the online market with dedication, hard work, and savvy business strategies.

You can find her on Instagram @noelybarbiee and website