No Shortage of Fun

The holidays are approaching and The Fun Wine Company is ready to supply fun in a bottle with no shortages in supply.

According to SVB, “large producers that owned the off-premise channel with large partner wholesalers had the enviable problem of being caught short of product to sell as sales rerouted through grocery and drugstores.” Fortunately, Fun Wine planned accordingly and was ahead of the shortage while ensuring a surplus of products in warehouses ready to stock and restock shelves with no time in-between.

“Our brand is not only smart thinking and ahead of the game when it comes to our profile and distribution partners, but we are also savvy to the consumer market,” said Joe Peleg, Founder and CEO of The Fun Wine Company.” “The Fun Wine Company made sure to have a reserve of product in 2021 based on global shortages around the world so new and current buyers would have NO shortage of FUN this holiday season and year to come.”

As the 2021 holiday season ramps up, the brand is ready to stock homes with the perfect fun gift. A recent Drizly survey suggested that 39% of respondents said that perceived ‘healthiness’ mattered to them. Fun Wine is the option for health-conscious consumers as it has 59 calories per 5 oz pour. And is conveniently made with Monk Fruit which is derived from dry fruit.

It’s no wonder RNDC, an industry leader and the nation’s second-largest wine and spirits distributor chose to add Fun Wine to their Better for You category.

FUN WINE flavors of the new Hard Bubbly Collection include: Strawberry Rosé Moscato, Peach Passion Moscato, Coconut Pineapple Chardonnay, and Sangria as well as the Café Graffiti Collection: Cappuccino Chardonnay and Espresso Cabernet not only in stores but through national partnerships, activations, and campaigns.

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