Nidal Rasheed Gets Candid about His Struggles and How He Overcame Them

Nidal Rasheed, a successful entrepreneur, and property expert, who has aided hundreds of families to get on and climb up the property ladder, shares the struggles he went through on his entrepreneurial journey and how he conquered them all.

Nidal Rasheed has always had the entrepreneurial spirit inside of him. He delved into his passion pretty early on in his life. This meant that Rasheed was bound for a learning curve in the next few years. He owned a restaurant at just 22 years of age, and two and a half years later due to unpleasant circumstances Nidal suffered a considerable loss in the business. Nevertheless, he applied those past experiences in his passion for property, and by the age of 30, he had bounced back on his feet and earned his first million dollars.

Nidal Rasheed faced many struggles throughout these years, mainly because of him being too young and inexperienced initially. Later on, he learned and applied those lessons to his advantage.

“We’ve had to learn many hard lessons over the years. Mainly the challenges that come with growing too quick. Hiring the wrong type of people can be a costly and harmful exercise to your business,” says Nidal.

There was also the inexperience of cash flow to be dealt with. Money was spent too quickly compared to the earnings, which meant that Nidal had to face difficulty in paying his employees their due amount.

I restructured the business and made some key changes which allows me to leverage technology and systems to increase my output without jeopardizing my service. I was able to reduce costs and deliver a better service than before,” explains Nidal.

Nidal’s expertise and maturity in business dealings reflected in his company’s blueprint. ‘Silvertail’ aims to help clients with successful property investment, backed by detailed research with an in-depth understanding of Australia’s current and emerging trends. He has come a long way from his novice days and only plans to move ahead and continue to successfully carry forward his family as is his biggest motivation.