Nicky Gathrite shares his way of getting close to someone through his song “Need You”

“Need You” has surpassed the expectations of everyone by breaking the streaming records on all platforms. This song has put the name Nicky Gathrite out there and launched his career towards a path of success.

Nicky Gathrite’s brand new EP, released in 2021, contains three songs: “IDKY”, “Need You” and “Burning”. All of the songs in the EP complement each other in such a way that upon hearing it you can’t help but playing it over and over again.

Incorporating instruments and other sounds, Nicky is able to create melodies that grab the attention of the listener and create an experience that they can’t forget. “Need You” is a prime example of this.

His knack for music combined with his producing style has recently made him very popular on social media as an upcoming house music artist. It won’t be too far off if, in the coming years, Nicky Gathrite becomes an unstoppable force in the industry. His unique melodies and arrangements ensure that claim even further.

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