Nick Mirisola’s Latest EP, “Social Gravity,” is Now Streaming on all Major Platforms

Nick Mirisola of Meditative Animal has launched his latest EP, “Social Gravity.” The album features seven groovy, intricately woven tracks that enumerate Nick’s 20 years of songwriting knowledge and practice. Moonlit Creative Works produced and recorded “Social Gravity” at the Moonlit Creative Works studio in Springvale, Maine. The album includes intriguing and insightful lyrics, along with multi-instrumental backgrounds that radiate great energy and enthusiasm, as well as Nick’s own adeptness. To commemorate the release of “Social Gravity,” the multi-instrumentalist also released a special music lyric video for the title track, which is now available on YouTube.

Nick is known for his ingenuity, vocals, and ability to play multiple instruments, such as the guitar, hand percussion, harmonica, and bass. He took formal training for music production with Berklee, and now he produces his own music. He was also ranked #1 on ReverbNation’s regional chart for his genre and in the top 100 nationally. His most recent album is a fine embodiment of familial bonding. Also a self-dubbed Duddha and an ordained Dudeist priest, Nick collaborated with brother ‘John Mirisola,’ nephew ‘Lil Beats’ and niece ‘Charis Moore’ for his latest EP. Social Gravity, the title track, also features the vocalist Kirsten Glidden. He combines jazz, blues, hip hop, funk, and reggae melodies with alternative indie folk-rock, resulting in highly compelling music and difficult to resist for his fans. The multi-talented musician is destined to make a name for himself in the alternative music scene.

Listen to ‘Social Gravity’ on Spotify. To know more about Nick Mirisola visit: and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @MeditativeAnimal