New Jersey artist “Dracoh” just might be the next star

A 16 year old artist from New Jersey is gaining the attention of many different public figures and famous artists. His name is “Dracoh” and he is an artist that is well on his way on becoming a well-known figure. He started his journey in music on January 26th, 2021, posting on his Instagram story that he was considering becoming a music artist. He then made a short song asking if people took a liking to his style and the people around him absolutely loved it. From then on he has gained recognition from music artists, including @snot, @ilytruly, @anthonyrhynemusic, @innrwve, @pluggworld, and public figures such as @duncpowell, @trentej_53, and some NFL players as well. 

Keep in mind, Dracoh is only 16 and the only tools that he has to make his music is his phone and his earbuds. His talent allows him to not be limited by resources, and he’s still able to pull off amazing sounds all from his phone using Bandlab. The reason he’s making music is because he says, “I just want to be free. I want to do the one thing that I wouldn’t mind doing for the rest of my life, and that’s music.” 

His songs usually involve the idea of his strong devotion to a significant other, and the melodies he uses in his music convey feelings of happiness, sadness, or seriousness. As you can tell by some of the names of Dracoh’s songs, he talks about the way he’s feelings a lot. “Loving You” , “Heartbreak Talkin” , “Broken Bonds” etc. In every song he makes there’s a piece of him in it always, so you can find something you can relate yourself to when you listen to his music. If you go back and listen to his very first song, you can tell that he already had the musical talent and the mindset, now what he needed was a platform to display his talent. As of right now, Dracoh is currently at 17.7k on Instagram, and is working on building his fanbase that will support and cheer him on as they watch the young artist grow over the years. So if you ever have a moment to spare, consider checking out his music, as it is something you will surely not be disappointed by. 

Lliam Nelson

Lliam is a freelance writer who has been reporting on entertainment news and trending stories for over a decade. He's written for WorldAuthors.Org, the Brand.Education and Quora. Lliam's favourite topics are celebrities and TV. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, catching up on his favourite shows, and sipping on the best local brews.

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