New Electronic Track “Avalon” by TLUXX Provides the Perfect Sound for Upcoming Music Festivals

Emerging house and electronic DJ and Producer powerhouse Brian Johnson, better known as TLUXX, is back with a new single, titled “Avalon” for new-music hungry fans. TLUXX is joined by pop singer and songwriter Brieanna Grace for this exciting and upbeat electronic track.

The song begins with a calm, comforting and clear acoustic sound and the captivatingly breathtaking voice of Brieanna Grace. In a perfect combination of lyrics and melody, TLUXX skillfully draws in additional house elements to carry the track into an elevated and good-feeling chorus. With a sound that listeners may associate with the extremely loved and missed music festivals we are excited to see in the upcoming months, fans can expect both TLUXX’s presence and the inclusion of this song on his tracklist upon his return to live performances.

With a stage presence that is sure to be as equally entertaining as the song “Avalon” itself, TLUXX’s impressive attendance of over 50 gigs per year will be anticipated once more in a post-pandemic world as he is sure to play similarly dazzling tracks to further put listeners in a trance of enjoyment.

“Avalon” has few lyrics but a lot to show for them, as they discuss the initial excitement of finding a new lover and the rush of feelings one experiences when planning to meet them later in the night. It’s fresh, and it speaks from the perspective of a young person in love, which many will no doubt be able to relate to right off the bat. TLUXX manages to keep the listener engaged and happy, with positive and upbeat dubstep-like music to match the story’s vibe in the song’s lyrics.

Stream “Avalon” now, available on Spotify, and follow TLUXX on his Instagram @tluxx, for the latest updates on new releases and future performances.