Nemo P – A Rising Star from the Gritty Inner City of New York

Hearing talks about the hottest independent artist In the Inner City I Find Myself Having Time to sit and get a few words from a young very ambitious man Hailing From one of the grittiest areas in New York City. The 29 year old Rap Star “Nemo P” is the epitome of resilient, innovative , and not to mention super talented. After earning his freedom in connection to conspiracy charges from bad decisions and surviving a life threatening incident. Nemo puts his full focus on his rap career. He and his brother Activate the label “Most Prolific Records LLC”, Marketing his debut project “Scammy Sosa” which featured records like “Aura” & “1-888-piffy”. Then they continue going on to Independently release 3 other albums to the public Bringing him a surefire buzz on the NYC Scene while building a cult fan base “The Piffys”

“Nemo P” differs with vibes when it comes to his music. when talking to the ladies its hits like “Ohh Ahh” or something like “Synergy”. For those more drillmatic the flows like “Sicc em” Or “Wocky” will satisfy. He also gives you an intricate listen behind the music with skits Like “4am in CT” or “Linden Blvd”. But now he is back with his new album “Internal Affairs” describing the highs and lows of his new found success.

In verbatim “This next Studio album is very personal touching on different sides of me as a person and artist”. “People think that its just all glitz and glamour in this industry but its a lot of sacrifice and hardwork after sacrificing so much just to get where im at only to have to keep going and its no complaints just finding constant motivation and inspiration while I inspire those around me the sounds on this project reflect those feelings and the challenges I face growing my brand”.

With fans definitely expecting a new project the anticipation for this new body of artwork is thick! we all can agree that “Internal Affairs” Feels promising im more than glad I took the time up to do this write up in my opinion “Nemo P” is a breath of fresh air for NYC hip hop showing true originality TUNE IN!!