Nathan Khider Removing The Stigma On Men’s Hair Systems

Today we caught up with Entrepreneur Nathan Khider to discuss why he’s on a mission to help men gain confidence and remove the stigma attached to hair systems 

Nathan: “Today is ‘men’s hair day’ or at least it should be everyday for all men. For years, I was battling with a receding hairline and loss of hair and to be honest I was happy just to shave it off. But it shouldn’t have to be that way and men shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about doing something for themselves. 

Two weeks ago I visited Kings of Kwiffs to have my new hair system put in place and I have to say it’s a game-changer. For years I was considering a hair transplant but after hearing many horrific stories I tried to find an alternative, not only because of the stories that I have heard but also the costs involved. Not only can it be expensive but it’s also not guaranteed to last

So I decided to give this new hair system a go and it’s genuinely ‘hairmazing’. I have played football, been to the gym, washed and styled it, even went to my local barber and had my back and sides cut. I have had compliments from everyone and no one could actually tell that it’s a hair system. In today’s day and age when it’s now acceptable for women to have everything done (which it should be), it’s now the right time for men to be able to do what makes them happy too and be proud and confident within themselves. 

Yes, some of my mates have a bit of banter with me about it but they are my mates and I expect that and I just find it funny but at the end of the day they have all said it’s very good and has taken 10 years off of me and one or two of them have already enquired.   

If you are wanting a bit more hair it’s a great option and I’m happy to discuss it in more detail with anyone. Just slide into my DM’s. @nathankhider and