Natalie Nichole Starts The New Year Off With A Hit

Hello Natalie Nichole! You have just released a new single Lost In It What was the inspiration behind the creation of this track?
I was inspired by my experience with my significant other to write this record. The relationship I have is very passionate and loving & I fell right into the lyrics & melody starting with “I be lost in it when I’m stroking her”. From that base the entire song was even easier to expand on reflecting from my moments with her.

What impact has the coronavirus pandemic had on your music career if any?
In retrospect it might’ve slowed down some things that were originally planned but God doesn’t make mistakes. I feel like I got ahead in my overall business plan & execution of it. I was already frugal but due to the pandemic I began putting my money into investing & building my own home studio & learning new trades to not have to outsource & its really benefiting me in all aspects. I have more to work with & even more coming back so I’m blessed & grateful for my family their health & the people around me on my team.

What do you look to achieve for your music career in 2021?
2021 I’m calling my selfish year. I’m putting out records of all genres that I’m so excited to finally get out. I’ve have some of these records in the archives and now I have the freedom to release them so that’s the goal. I want to keep growing my fan base & be able to expand the listening ear beyond one genre.

Any upcoming collaborations we can expect to see from you this year?
There’s a few in mind that I have but it’s not a priority if everything pans out with the other artists it will be and if not we keep it moving & always have great releases regardless. The biggest collaboration I look forward to this year is getting back into my acting & completing a few projects I have in the works that might surprise a lot of people but everything I create is an extension of who I am so it’ll add to what people can research & get to know me better as an artist, entertainer & human.

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