Nashville-based country music aficionado Jacob Rice is set to release a new EP dubbed “Open Tabs At Empty Bars”

When the title reads something like “Open Tabs At Empty Bars,” you know that you are in for the treat of your life, and that is exactly what will happen when critically acclaimed Nashville, Tennessee, Country music virtuoso Jacob Rice unleashes his 5-track EP on us, and if his unanimously acclaimed “Whatever Floats Your Boat” has taught us anything; it is that this phenomenally gifted songwriter and performer cannot be underestimated—you can only do that at your own risk because that is a rookie ass mistake!

Anyhoo, the music world will be blessed with a timeless and catchy masterpiece that will linger in music lovers’ ears for days. As you can probably expect, Rice has stolen all the glorious and glamorous country music vibes in the world and has slammed them together with awe-inspiring showmanship to fashion a vitally genre-defying collection and a melodically empowered body of work.

And to give you a gratifying glimpse, a reason why this is a must-have collection for any fanatic of beautifully innovated country sounds is the tune ‘Picture This,” a catchy and infectious anthem imbued with insightful and profound lyrics.

“Picture This” is a musical moment that jolts you back to reality so fast and beautifully that there is nowhere you’d rather be!

“Hurt People” is sentimental and marvelously sad yet inspiring in unique ways. Musically and lyrically, this tune is at once profoundly evocative and hopeful, a luxurious and emotionally bracing testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of inevitable adversities!

I feel that Rice’s work on that track is somewhat a testament to the transformative power of art and its ability to help us find our way forward on our journey of self-discovery…but that’s just me. This masterpiece is open to interpretation.

The entirety of “Open Tabs at Empty Bars” features tracks that weave together elements of country, pop, and even R&B. Each track has been performed with such profundity and heartfelt conviction as Rice draws inspiration from the memories that trigger melodies as well as the blank canvas that offers infinite possibilities for creation and innovation.

And there is even more reason to get excited again because Jacob Rice teamed up with his good friend; and producer James Sinclair-Stott again, the man responsible for producing his debut project, “Whatever Floats Your Boat,”

The announcement for this upcoming project has already been met with great expectation and excitement all around Nashville, and that alone should tell you the indelible imprint Jacob Rice is already leaving on his listener’s hearts and souls.

“Open Tabs At Empty Bars” will officially be unveiled on May 19, 2023, and closely followed by a deluxe edition with eight tracks in mid-summer.

I don’t have to insist on how paramount it is that you be among the many passionate fans who will get to eat and dine with this masterpiece when it finally drops.

Therefore, you must check out Jacob Rice on his website and follow him on whatever channel he is available on so as not to miss out on this grand explosion of musical excellence with Rice in the starring role—it’s something close to a blockbuster!

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