Narendra Modi’s Personal Brand Power and India’s Changing Global Position

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become a force to be reckoned with on the global stage, leading India to new heights and transforming its position in international affairs. His recent foreign trips have strengthened India’s diplomatic ties and showcased his personal brand power, earning him admiration and respect from world leaders and foreign citizens alike.

One of the defining aspects of PM Modi’s foreign visits is his success in defense deals and partnerships. With an emphasis on technology transfer, blue economy, and ocean governance, he has positioned India as a strategic partner rather than a mere buyer. The recent celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of India’s strategic relationship with other countries is a testament to the success of these efforts.

Modi’s global popularity is another driving force behind his successful foreign trips. Curiosity to see and hear the dynamic leader in person draws enthusiastic crowds wherever he travels. His charisma and appeal as a Vishwa Guru resonate with people across borders, fostering a sense of connection and admiration for India and its leader.

The Indian diaspora’s enthusiasm for PM Modi is not just a craze but an intense passion. Indians living abroad eagerly await his visits, displaying a strong emotional connection to their homeland. PM Modi’s ability to instil a sense of belonging among Indians living overseas has deepened their interest in India’s affairs, leading to greater engagement and involvement in the nation’s progress.

In the history of US-India relations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent state visit to the United States stood out as the most extraordinary, according to Eric Garcetti, the US Ambassador to India. The visit encompassed a broad and deep agenda, touching upon crucial aspects like defense, economy, and shared aspirations for peace, prosperity, the planet, and the well-being of both nations’ people. During his visit, PM Modi engaged in extensive discussions with President Joe Biden and had the prestigious opportunity to address the joint session of the US Congress for the second time, a historical milestone for any Indian leader. The visit marked a significant step in strengthening the bilateral relationship between the two nations and solidifying their commitment to mutual growth and cooperation.

Despite facing challenges during some visits, PM Modi’s unwavering courage and conviction have been evident. In the face of riots in France, he did not postpone his visit, and his presence brought about an unexpected halt to the unrest. Such displays of leadership and confidence have only strengthened his personal brand power and enhanced his reputation as a world leader.

Image Credit: Instagram @emmanuelmacron

Recognition from other nations has further boosted PM Modi’s reputation. France awarding him the country’s highest civilian honor and opening a museum in his honor after 66 years is a testament to the awe and respect he commands globally. Such honors not only reflect his personal achievements but also elevate India’s status in the international community.

PM Modi’s visits have brought numerous benefits for Indian youth. Expanding opportunities for academic exchange and business collaborations between India and other nations, particularly France, showcase his commitment to nurturing the potential of India’s youth and bolstering their future prospects.

Modi’s ‘Gift Diplomacy’ has been instrumental in building personal relationships with other world leaders. His thoughtful and symbolic gifts from India have deepened ties and created a new method of engagement between nations, showcasing India’s rich cultural heritage and contributions.

The significance of PM Modi’s visit to France extends beyond bilateral relations. The Indo-French Pacific Roadmap forged during the visit holds strategic importance in counterbalancing China’s aggressive expansionism. Such alliances are crucial in maintaining global stability and safeguarding India’s regional interests.

The Rs 96,000 crore defense deal signed with France, including the acquisition of 26 Rafale Marine fighter jets, strengthens India’s defense capabilities and enhances its readiness to face challenges posed by neighboring countries. The removal of certain mentions from the joint statement regarding the deal for three Scorpene submarines is a standard diplomatic practice and does not undermine the significance of the overall agreement.

PM Modi’s decision to engage in the Rafale deal again exemplifies his moral courage and transparency. With unwavering conviction, he has stood by the deal, backed by the Supreme Court’s validation, proving his commitment to making the best decisions for India’s interests.

As for France replacing Russia as a trusted friend in India’s foreign policy, I would like to point out that both nations have played significant roles in India’s journey. PM Modi’s visit to France and his strengthening of Indo-French ties do not diminish the value of India’s longstanding friendship with Russia. Instead, it showcases India’s ability to forge meaningful partnerships with multiple countries, diversifying its global engagements.

The deal between India and the UAE regarding Rupee and Dirham signifies a crucial step towards making the Indian rupee a global currency. Along with promoting digital payments, PM Modi’s initiatives have revolutionized financial transactions, positioning India as a leader in the digital payment domain.

During his visit to the UAE, the tricolor display with PM Modi’s picture on the world-renowned Burj Khalifa exemplifies India’s strong bonds with other nations. Such symbolic gestures foster goodwill, encouraging friendship and cooperation between nations.

Narendra Modi’s personal brand power and dynamic leadership have propelled India’s global position to new heights. His assertive diplomacy, focus on defense partnerships, and innovative engagement strategies have transformed India from a buyer to a strategic partner on the world stage. PM Modi’s popularity and respect among foreign leaders and the Indian diaspora have deepened India’s influence worldwide. As he continues to lead India’s global engagements with courage and conviction, PM Modi’s transformative leadership ensures that India remains a prominent player in the international arena.