“Mystery” gives us a peek at the talent of Sebastian Solano

Sebastian Solano has absolutely taken over the music scene with the release of his brand-new EP. This EP has three tracks. One of the songs has quickly gained popularity. Across all platforms, “Mystery” has shattered streaming records. Sebastian is now a global musical sensation.

Sebastian has always been enthralled with music. He had excellent musical talent as a child. He is skilled at anticipating his fans’ tastes and desires. As a consequence, his music is tailored to the preferences of the listener. With the impact of EDM from artists such as David Guerra and Tiesto, as well as exposure to LA music, we may expect big things from him in the future.

Rumor Records was in charge of the EP’s distribution. The partnership between Rumor Records and Sebastian resulted in the creation of a masterpiece in the shape of the track “Mystery.” The song exemplifies Sebastian’s freewheeling and completely irresponsible musical approach.

You can listen to the song here:

Check out Sebastian’s Instagram feed here: @ssolano09