Muzik Connects Culture with Technology

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we have an undeniable need for human interaction and luckily, the benefits of technology have helped us to stay more connected than ever before. Without the ability to attend concerts and plays, our entertainment experiences have become more introverted, especially as it pertains to the consumption of music. This switch to a more solitary experience is speculated to have contributed to the recent growth of headphone use as more people are listening to music at home while they work or work out. And the need to connect with other people has inspired a new more up close and personal wave of content creation to be fully live streamed from the comfort of our homes.

Amidst the growth of headphone and earphone use, companies like Muzik™ continue to innovate by customizing their approach in order to cater to an ever-evolving consumer market. And their Smartware devices have helped to influence a new wave of creative thinking as it pertains to shared experiences. Recently, Muzik™ teased their highly anticipated VISION camera-headphones with top NBA draft pick LaMelo Ball, who wore them on the night of the draft. The new device is meant to share what you see, hands free, while connecting culture with the expanding world of technology. Their VISION headphones are said to release in 2021.

This isn’t just another silent disco but rather, an emergence of technology and culture that allows for seamless, uninterrupted experiences by transcending technological barriers. By blending the two worlds together they enhance them, offering wide-scale innovation during a pivotal time in our world. Initially, the headphone and earphone paradigm shift began with the launch of the wireless headphone by Apple in 2016. Since then, the increased connection to smartphones & apps as well as the maximization of audio quality have contributed to a real boom in the industry. Smart headphones will change the game as content creators continue to connect with fans on platforms like Twitch, YouTube and TikTok. While we’re apart, we can be together all thanks to company’s like Muzik™ who dedicate themselves to staying steps ahead while the needs of the world continue to advance at drastic speeds.

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