MusicSnake Called Metallica’s Robert Trujillo His Favorite Bassist

Recently Fred King, professionally known as rapper MusicSnake replied to one of his fans who asked the musician about his favorite bass players. “I really love Flea from RHCP, but Metalica’s Rob Trujillo is my favorite. Robert is probably one of the best bassists of all time,” – the rapper said.

Previously the alternative hip-hop star called Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst his biggest influence and this time Snake mentioned Metallica. The love of rock music is probably the main reason behind MusicSnake’s decision to play 100% live shows without using pre-recorded samples. “I will never perform ‘fake’ shows using pre-recorded samples,” – the rapper commented during his New York show.

The tracks from MusicSnake’s latest album By were featured on multiple editorial playlists including Rap Caviar Alternative and hit 5 million streams on TikTok. In September the rapper announced his next album release. The new MusicSnake’s LP will be out around March-April 2023.