Mrs. Geosphere – The First of Its Kind Pageant

Have you ever heard of a pageant that combines environmental awareness and understanding of sex trafficking issues? Neither have we—until now. This unique competition is dedicated to combining environmental awareness and understanding of sex trafficking in order to bring these powerful causes to the public forefront. Through education and solution-based efforts, Mrs. Geosphere seeks to end the trauma that humanity and Earth’s resources are facing in today’s world.

The Story Behind Mrs. Geosphere
Rose Campbell is an award-winning publicist and author of “Dying Inside” who has been working to raise awareness about social issues that are impacting our planet. Rose a sex-trafficking victim herself has a mission to share this important cause. She founded Mrs. Geosphere with the goal of inspiring action on a global level through education and solution-based approaches. The pageant’s mission is to help people make lasting incremental changes in their local communities while providing them with knowledge about environmental protection and human trafficking prevention methods.

The Contestants
The pageant features contestants from all over the world, each representing a different country or cause related to either sex trafficking or environmental protection. Each contestant must have a platform on which they base their work, such as anti-sex trafficking initiatives or sustainability campaigns. They must also demonstrate strong leadership skills and have made tangible progress in their respective areas of expertise in order to be considered for this extraordinary opportunity.

The Winners
The winners will receive an array of prizes including cash awards, scholarships, media coverage opportunities, and much more! Additionally, they will become ambassadors for Mrs. Geosphere’s mission around the world by attending events on behalf of the foundation and speaking out against social injustice everywhere they go!

Mrs. Geosphere is a one-of-a-kind pageant that brings together two powerful causes – environmental awareness and understanding of sex trafficking – in order to inspire positive change around the globe! By educating individuals about these topics and providing them with solutions that can be implemented locally, we can make strides towards ending both human suffering caused by exploitation as well as environmental degradation caused by unsustainable practices worldwide! If you’re interested in learning more about this amazing event or even applying as a contestant yourself – visit for more information! Let’s join forces together for good!