MR.Slade Continues His Hot Streak With His Latest Single, “Call Me”

MR.Slade releases his latest single, “Call Me,” an electrifying song that is sure to earworm you. The talented singer from Ontario, Canada, is known for his powerful vocals and enthralling sounds. He aspires to create music to a new demographic audience. Something that you’ll find familiar in all his tracks is the high energy, usually accompanied by loud vocals and instrumental melodies. 

The multi-genre artist is set to rock the music world with his creativity and ingenuity, carving out a unique route for himself. He creates music that defies categorization – It’s fantastic! “Call Me” is a modernized version of the iconic Blondie hit, influenced by aspects of 80s rock music and 90s industrial edginess. Through his songs, MR.Slade has demonstrated his distinct and approachable perspective on the thunderous sounds of classic rock.

“Call Me” is a powerful single that is pure delight and difficult to ignore, channeling an 80’s metal and hard rock blend. MR.Slade has expertly mixed several musical styles, while demonstrating his creativity at its best.

MR.Slade began his musical career while working at a retail job. He was always inspired mainly by music from the 80s and 90s, and he wanted to make music that was both entertaining and aggressive. MR.Slade took elements from that era and gave them a more modern take. He adds glimmers of what we’d label electronic punk to make it more electrifying and enthralling. Undoubtedly, generating soundscapes and atmospheres of this caliber is no easy undertaking. But MR.Slade is different, and that’s what makes his music unique and distinct that fans love to hear!

MR.Slade’s “Call Me” is now available on all major platforms, including Spotify.