Motley Flower, a Thai alt-rock artist, has made his fans happy yet again with his latest single, ‘Real Eyes’

Motley Flower, a multi-talented musician, has just released his new single, ‘Real Eyes.’ In his latest lyrical masterpiece, ‘Real Eyes,’ he presented a fantastic fusion of pop, lo-fi, and alternative elements. He collaborated with fellow Thai artists Pae Arak and Numcha and delivered his best performance yet in terms of both singing and songwriting. The track depicts a beautiful bond between two people and delivers a message that “love” triumphs no matter what. 

Motley Flower is known to give the world a hybrid form of music that is not bound by genre norms. His latest single, ‘Real Eyes,’ is now available on all major streaming platforms.

The music video for “Real Eyes” was released on June 30th to coincide with Pride Month, and fans can watch it here. The blissful lo-fi rhythmic patterns highlight the true essence of the brilliant lyrical wordplay, providing an ideal setting for the artists’ vocal performances.

Motley Flower, who was born and raised in Southern California and is now based in Bangkok (Thailand), never stops enduring his passion for music and art culture. Having grown up with Punk Rock/Hip-Hop influences has given him the ability to see beyond the limitations of labeling music. It helped him meet countless talented artists from all over the world, which resulted in the creation of one of Bangkok’s best music festivals, “Bangkok Block Party,” as well as many other events that Motley Flower has organized for the community over the years. Motley Flower has now launched BLAQ LYTE Digital, a Warner Music Thailand-based independent music label. The trending music video, ‘Real Eyes,’ is dedicated to expressing love for those in the LGBTQ+ community.

“Real Eyes” is now available on Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming platforms. Also, you can visit Motley Flower’s Facebook page for more information on his upcoming projects.