Most Profitable Grid Strategies

The crypto markets are usually very changeable, which is their worst and most notable disadvantage; they depend a lot on the demand and opinion of the people who trade in them.

Cryptocurrencies are currently one of the best forms of investment and trading, as they offer excellent benefits and development and business growth advantages. Circle Financial Services Company offer this too.

Due to the variations of the virtual cryptographic market, strategies have been developed that seek to establish a balance when presenting very notorious variations and provide offers for new investors.

What are GRIDs?

They are strategies that try to make a profit in the ordinal movement of the market by implementing BUY STOP orders (business order to buy at the Ask price; equal to or greater than that indicated in the order) and SELL STOP (business order to sell at the Bid price) less than or equal to that shown in the order).

Such a strategy is widely applied in cryptocurrency trading as anyone can program it automatically and expect it to run daily. This activity allows traders to generate economic profits without paying attention to price changes.

To apply these strategies of the GRID systems, we must know how the markets work, their fundamentals, and the dynamics that govern their behavior in a set time.

Most profitable GRID

The BITSGAP robot or application allows users to set up automated transactions on different types of cryptocurrency exchanges, offers two of the most popular and profitable Grid strategies in the form of CLASSIC and SBOT.

CLASSIC BOT; This strategy consists of buying and selling a certain fixed amount of the base currency per order. Automated action focuses on market fractals and never exceeds the stipulated average limit.

It is recommended to implement this strategy when a sweeping uptrend is expected in the crypto market. This classic bot has proven relevance in the growing and developing market, unlike other methods.

The excellent application and distribution of the investment of this model provide a better description of price increases.

SBOT; this is an updated strategy of the classic bot, with a slightly different investment distribution idea. This strategy can indicate a currency limit for trading (fiat) to buy and sell virtual assets. This bot imposes the investment equally on the grid with the buy and sells orders so that the amount that has been set in the acquisition does not vary and is maintained.

The spot is implemented when the market moves eccentrically within a horizontal class. This strategy simultaneously applies the dollar-cost averaging method to help earn crypto and produce base currency earnings.

These strategies give a more realistic picture of possible market risks, by which sharp declines and high rises can be deducted.

These bots can be implemented to increase profits at times of decline.

These strategies show strengths and weaknesses; therefore, they should be governed according to the fractals of the markets.


Trading bots is an effective strategy for users looking for efficient and effective trading solutions. They allow establishing systematized negotiation projects, providing security when operating in different types of exchanges.

Bits gap is the leading and best bot, which provides infinite functions to users; it has a Demo account, allowing users to test the tasks before making investments.

The crypto market will always be in constant evolution since the economic stability of its users depends on its excellent performance, which is why experts focus on creating and suggesting more and more new business strategies to make profits with their application and return on securities.

We must study the entire environment of the cryptocurrency markets so that when investing, we are clear about the benefits that are offered to us but at the same time about the risks that we can run within this virtual world.

The most prosperous economy today is based on cryptocurrencies, since they are the most popular virtual means of payment and adopted by most digital and traditional businesses worldwide, giving benefits to them in terms of improvement and increase of their sales, more considerable profits, and publicity for them.

Cryptocurrencies are the basis of the economy’s future and will become the most accepted and demanded commercial exchange currency for all commerce in general.