Modi Inaugurates Surat Diamond Bourse, the World’s Largest Office Complex

In a historic moment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Surat Diamond Bourse on December 17, officially marking its place as the world’s largest office complex, surpassing even the iconic Pentagon. Situated in Khajod village near Surat city, this colossal complex spans a remarkable 6.7 million square feet at the cost of ₹32 billion, making it a testament to India’s growing prominence in the international diamond and jewelry trade.

Surat, often referred to as the “Diamond City,” has long been the hub for processing rough diamonds, with approximately 90% of the world’s diamonds cut and polished there before reaching global markets, including the US and China. The Surat Diamond Bourse aims to centralize the entire diamond industry, providing a comprehensive platform for both raw and refined diamonds.

The sprawling complex is nestled within the Diamond Research and Mercantile City, a business district modeled after the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (Gift City), another flagship project of Prime Minister Modi. With nine 15-story towers and around 4,700 offices, the Surat Diamond Bourse stands as a symbol of India’s commitment to fostering a robust and centralized diamond trading ecosystem.

Key features of the Surat Diamond Bourse include a cutting-edge ‘Customs Clearance House’ dedicated to import-export activities, a retail jewelry mall catering to businesses in the sector, and a facility equipped with international banking services and secure vaults. The comprehensive infrastructure is poised to elevate Surat’s status as the epicenter of the global diamond trade.

The inauguration event saw the Prime Minister unveil the Surat Diamond Bourse and the new terminal at Surat Airport, a project with a total cost of ₹353 crore. This state-of-the-art terminal, designed with a blend of heritage aesthetics and sustainability features, aims to enhance regional trade and travel connectivity.

In a prelude to the inauguration, numerous diamond traders, including those previously based in Mumbai, took possession of their offices through auctions. Dinesh Navadiya, the media convener for the Surat Diamond Bourse, highlighted the significance of this milestone as traders embraced their new spaces within the world’s largest office complex dedicated to the diamond trade.

Prime Minister Modi led a vibrant roadshow in Surat, Gujarat to celebrate these momentous occasions. Following unveiling the new Integrated Terminal Building at Surat Airport, the roadshow witnessed enthusiastic participation, marking a significant milestone in the region’s infrastructure development.

The Surat Diamond Bourse stands as a testament to India’s commitment to becoming a global leader in the diamond and jewelry trade, providing a centralized platform that will shape the industry’s future for years to come.