Modern Appliances That Every Kitchen Needs

Today’s kitchen is a crafted space that creates a cohesive look. That means it is clean, sleek, and stylish. Trends like wood have come to the fore in design elements. Even stainless steel lends a modern edge to this year’s inspired kitchen decor.

It’s not surprising that it is becoming more of a personal and shared space. So, choose kitchen appliances that will make your life easier. You can also never go wrong with the ones that make you look like a culinary master.

Good Old Appliance Service providers suggest regular maintenance to keep your modern kitchen’s sleek and stylish appliances functioning at their best.

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, check out this guide. We’ve got the kitchen accessories you’ll need, from blenders to cutting boards. You can now update your kitchen without skimping on essentials.

Kitchen Accessories  

1. Cheese Boards or Charcuterie Platter

Image Credit: Pexels

The best way to serve and share food with your visitors is by using a simple charcuterie board. It also goes by different names, such as cheese platters and charcuterie. 

Whatever you choose to call it, presenting a tasty snack with it has never been boring.

Choosing cheese by itself is not unusual. But, the ideal complements offer you the chance to spice up your charcuterie platter. Next time you have guests, try any of these cheese board ideas:

  • Crackers. For the soft cheese, use a sourdough crisp cracker. And for firmer cheese, select water biscuits or fruit toast.
  • Nuts. These work best as decorative items for your cheese platters. For that mellow, creamy taste, consider pecans and cashews. They complement the cheese’s saltiness very well.
  • Chutney. There are several flavors of a cheese and meat board staple. Choose a holiday cheese hamper for an exceptional treat. Any cheese lover will love this surprise.

For that modern kitchen design, go for cheese boards with wood designs. Handcrafted cheese boards from Lynn & Liana designs make an interesting addition to your kitchen accessories. Each wooden charcuterie board took a great deal of effort and time to make, but it’s worth the wait. 

A simple charcuterie board from them makes you look like a pro, even with simple snacks.

A wooden charcuterie board is both aesthetic and appropriate for serving food. But, to deliver a stylish presentation, these boards should be well-prepared. You can start with long, open cheese boards that work best for large groups. And if you are expecting intimate get-togethers, use tiny, rectangular cheese boards.

2. Serving Trays

Service trays help you carry large amounts of food and drink. By using serving trays, you can handle anything from wine glasses to main dishes. The best serving trays make carrying food or drinks simple.

You should also choose a serving tray that looks decent, eye-catching, and sustainable. Here are several serving trays you may find useful for your kitchen:

  • Plastic serving trays. These serving trays are durable enough to survive frequent use. They are thus ideal for busy kitchens.
  • Fiberglass serving trays. These serving trays are more durable and lightweight than plastic.
  • Bamboo tray. These serving trays have a chic, classic appearance. It is ideal for serving tea and coffee and traditional breakfasts.

You might want to buy more than one serving tray for your kitchen. So, rather than mixing and matching, look for serving trays that go with the color scheme of your kitchen.

3. Resin coasters

Coasters prevent water stains on your kitchen surfaces. You may not give this much thought, but your bar’s counters should always be in good condition. Try resin coasters for that contemporary kitchen appearance.

The wonderful thing about resin coasters is that they give your kitchen a flair. Consider resin coasters if you want to add more “hygge” to your kitchen. A sunroom, patio, or breakfast nook would also look great with resin coasters.

4. Cutting Boards

Image Credit: Pexels

The time of year for nonstop chopping has come. Cutting boards are one of the most practical kitchen accessories. Good cutting boards are your workhorse for preparing cuisine like winter salads.

Choose traditional cutting boards if you want a board for food preparation. You’ll find it to be your best ally while chopping vegetables. Additionally, you can turn it over and use the back as a serving board.

Cutting boards are both kitchen tools and kitchen decor. It stands out in modern kitchens, where gray is the dominant color. The right cutting boards against a backsplash give a cold space texture and warmth.

Kitchen Appliances

1. Food Processor

No matter how much you love cooking, you can’t deny how much time it takes to finish one meal. On top of waiting for the food to cook, you need to prepare everything first before you start. If you have guests coming over or have something important to do, you need kitchen appliances that speed up the process.

Food processors help you save a lot of time on food preparation. It is a multipurpose tool for chopping vegetables, preparing pastes, juicing, and grinding spices. If you want to make pastes or chutneys, you’ll need this aside from mixers or grinders. 

The modern food processor is available in different models with different uses. Make sure you buy one that has the functionality that you need. For ease of use, you can put the food processor on a counter or shelf with an electrical source close by.

2. Smart Refrigerator

A modern refrigerator has features to make your life simpler. These days, you can find refrigerators that are not only used as storage containers for your food. You can buy smart refrigerators that have customizable temperature settings and adaptable compartments. The best thing is that you can even save money with their power-saving options.

You can choose a color and finish that goes with your kitchen decor. To give it a more upscale appearance, you may keep it on one side of the kitchen. You can also have the kitchen cabinet fitted with it.

3. Vacuum Sealers

One of the biggest trends of the decade is eating fresh, healthy food. Because of this, vacuum sealers have become popular this year. So what exactly does a vacuum sealer do? It simply packs your food in a bag that is completely airless.

No one likes to have their food spoiled. With a vacuum sealer, you won’t have to worry about leaving leftovers from your previous occasion. It is especially helpful if your fridge is full. Just pack your food with a vacuum sealer and you can expect it to be good the next day. 

Some sealers maintain the bags’ temperature at zero degrees. Use them if you’re planning to travel far.

4. Oil-Free Fryers

Who doesn’t enjoy fried food—in particular, chicken and potatoes? But oil is a significant drawback to these delectable foods. Even with the highest-quality olive or avocado oil, the meal won’t be that healthy. The good news is that oil-free fryers are a solution.

You can enjoy a delicious meal while staying in shape by frying food without using any oil. So, how does this device operate? The solution is high-temperature currents. That’s how air fryers cook food without the use of any oil, both to toast it and fry it.

5. Double Ovens

Double ovens are currently one of the most popular trends in kitchen appliances. You can put them either within your kitchen wall, beneath a range, or both. With double ovens, you can save as much time as you need to do other activities in the kitchen. 

It’s a must-have kitchen appliance if you have a large family to feed or have guests over. Despite the enormous demand, they are not very expensive and have a universal design. This means that they complement kitchen accessories with either stainless steel or wood designs.

Create a Crafted Space for Your Kitchen

When it comes to decorating your kitchen, the options are endless. A modern kitchen is a place for the design-conscious cook to show off their style. With the right kitchen decor, you can handle any culinary challenge with ease. You can even add a little style to your kitchen while you are at it.

We’ve covered everything from stainless cookware to wooden serving boards. You can now ace different cuisines and presentations. So if you’re craving something new, it’s time to give your kitchen a much-needed pick-me-up.