Model, Mother, and Your Go-To Blogger: Jaimie Tucker

With over 53 thousand followers on Instagram, Jaimie Tucker has quickly become everyone’s favorite lifestyle guru. Mother of two, Jaimie dedicates her life to making sure her and her family are staying stylish, healthy, and happy. Former healthcare consultant, then model, Jaimie realized she could not fairly balance work and family life after having her second born — thus her blog was born. 

Having a love of fashion ever since the young age of 12, Jaimie decided to follow that passion and pursue her interest within that industry. Post being a model, Jaimie wanted to continue to find a way to use her artistic and creative abilities. 

“I still wanted to create, and starting a blog allowed me that freedom of expression. The blog provides me with a creative outlet, while at the same time allowing me to build a sense of community and assist other women by suggesting quick and easy style and beauty tips. I know what it’s like to feel frustrated and strapped for time, as all women do!”    

Her blog quickly became a hit, just a short six months into its creation, when she posted about matching mommy and me fashion. Having her blog post be the number one ranked on the first page of Google when searching “mommy and me outfits,” joy and inspiration struck for what the future of the blog would be. 

A sign that her blog would become a success, Jaimie decided to keep posting about family, with an emphasis on healthy living, along with style and beauty inspiration. 

“Fabulous lip gloss won’t save the world, though some days it might save one’s sanity! As a busy mom of two young children, I’m always looking for “hacks” to get out the door more quickly, and more stylishly.” 

With her goal to empower other women, she has successfully written about relatable content that any busy mother out there will read. From outfit inspiration to top 10 essentials for a hospital packing list for mom and baby to her classic mommy and me outfit ideas, she has gained mass following, showing that being a mother can not only be tiring yet rewarding, but it can also be stylish and fun. 

With shopping and gift lists also featured on her website that she curated herself, she helps other women save time when thinking of gift ideas or even ways in which to spoil themselves. 

Having partnered with various national brands in the fashion, beauty, wellness, and family niches, along with regularly appearing on multiple TV networks throughout the country, and even writing for several online platforms, her passion for fashion is not the only thing that got her to be the successful, busy woman that she is today. 

“Education,” she says, “is a tool that can never be taken away.” 

The amount of work that she put into acquiring her MBA, along with her busy former career as a healthcare consultant is what she believes prepared her for the mass amount of work that she does today. 

Looking to continue to inspire women everyday, Jaimie is excited for where her blog is heading. She is aware that she is impacting many people’s lives in a positive manner, and because of this, Jaimie feels proud to work everyday and provide the support and advice that she publishes daily. 

Planning to engage in more collaborations and writing gigs, Jaimie sure is to go even further than where she is now.