Mobility Scooter Slowing Down? 5 Things That May Be Responsible

Irrespective of your age, if you have a mobility scooter, you will likely be using it to get about, meet friends and retain your independence. 

And, whether it is brand new or you have had it for a few years, fewer things are more worrying than when it begins to slow down for no reason or stops moving altogether. 

So, if your mobility scooter is slowing down, or if it won’t even start up, what might be the cause, and what should you do? Read on to find out!

Low or Damaged Battery

The main cause of a mobility scooter slowing down or stalling is the battery. 

If the battery in your mobility scooter is low on charge, the scooter may slow down or stop altogether. Or, if the battery is old, damaged, or simply not functioning correctly, you will need to look for replacement batteries for mobility scooters online or at your nearest mobility scooter dealership. Never attempt to replace the battery in your mobility scooter without professional help.


This is a touchy subject for many people, especially those who have limited mobility, but one reason why your mobility scooter may be slowing down could be due to weight. If the scooter is carrying a heavy load or a passenger, it may slow down due to this. Luckily, there are mobility scooters available that can carry more weight if needed, so it may be worth trading in your scooter or swapping it for another option that can carry more weight. 

Damaged or Worn Parts

Much like the battery, a slower mobility scooter may be caused by the mobile parts becoming out-of-date. If the scooter’s motor, tires, or other components are damaged or worn, it can cause the scooter to slow down.

So, it may be worth booking your mobility scooter in for an MOT!


Maintenance of a mobility scooter can play a large part in how long it lasts. If the scooter is not properly maintained, it may not perform as well, which can cause it to slow down.

Regular maintenance will involve keeping the scooter wheels clean and free from debris, as well as checking them for wear and inflation. You should regularly check the brakes and ensure that the battery is charged to a sufficient level, as well as being able to hold a charge. 

Also, be sure to lubricate the moving parts.

If you have been doing all of this at least once a week and there is still an issue with your scooter, you should have it looked at by a professional.

User Error

Some user errors can cause the scooter to slow down. For example, if the user is not operating the scooter correctly, such as by not pressing the accelerator all the way down, the scooter will not reach its top speed. 

To be sure you are well-versed in how to use your mobility scooter, be sure to check the user manual. This will also indicate how much weight the scooter can take, so be careful not to overload it!