Misty Blanco & EMJ Responds To Remy Ma & Pappose For Biting Blaque MTV Bebo Oriental Stlye

Misty Blanco how does it feel to be the back in the front since Making The Band 2 with P-Diddy, yet this time seen as a major artist not just a reality star?
It feels amazing this is the “Now” moment I been preparing for.

Misty Blanco you and your boyfriend EMJ (who is a newly reggae artist), have quickly been noticed as a beautiful flowering couple in the music business how has the relationship been blossoming with the many pressures of you two having a hit record called “Blaque M.T.V BEBO?
Our relationship has been amazing and blossoming incredibly I can admit being our own executives on this project actually lightens up the pressure and anxiety success can bring if were just artist.

Will you two be working on more music together soon? Or was “Blaque M.T.V BEBO” it? Can we look forward to a possible couples album?
EMJ and I are working together on something major and I’m limited to the information I can give out, all I can say is it’s going to be a movie don’t watch them watch us.

Speaking of movie I really enjoyed that silent movie you and EMJ created called “PAIN”. I wanted to ask what made you two decide to make a silent film using soldiers and war?
“Silence” is actually a form of a higher “Communication” that many people tap into knowingly or unknowingly; but what about those who are forced to communicate in silence? So we decide to make a silent movie to answer that question placing our viewers on the battlefield where communicating in silence has the highest volumes.

We love the way yourself and EMJ have been creatively expressing your music using the oriental image, we noticed Remy Ma & Pappose mimicked the “Blaque MTV BEBO” Oriental style for her birthday this year after your new images was released publicly on all platforms?
We find it very flattering to be mimicked by another couple. This further allows us to know our influence in the music business is already changing the game; while preparing the masses for our emergence onto the scene as the originators to many things undisclosed in this music business.

What does “Blaque M.T.V BEBO” mean?
“Believing in Life and Achieving a Quest for Unity in Everything” “BEBO” was created by EMJ which means “BE Black Original”

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