MissMurrayMiaa Releases Beautiful New Song ‘Hart Broken’

MissMurrayMiaa has been working on her craft for some time now. The producer and songwriter grew up listening to music all the time but there isn’t just one main genre or person that has completely grabbed hold of MissMurrayMiaa’s style. 

Instead, MissMurrayMiaa has spent the last couple years dabbling around in different genres. Taking on the role of being both a producer and recording artist, MissMurrayMiaa tends to not stay within the status quo. This means reaching outside the box and trying new things. 

MissMurrayMiaa recently dropped a new song called ‘Hart Broken’. The dancehall type track features smooth gliding pads, deep drum pockets, and interesting background sounds that almost make you feel like you are in a tropical rain forest. Everything was engineered this way on purpose. 

You can listen to MissMurrayMiaa below: 

You can follow MissMurrayMiaa on Instagram: instagram.com/mur.maria_